Saturday, January 16, 2010

Updated Predictions

Well last weekend's Wild Card picks were absolutely awful. Thankfully no one is paying me to make them and it's all for fun. Anywho, my AFC picks for the championship game and Superbowl are still in tact although I do like the Jets chances of pulling off the upset in San Diego as long as Sanchez doesn't have a complete meltdown. Wouldn't be surprised at all if they pull off a 3-6 point win if they can slow down the Charger passing game enough to keep them under 20 points. San Diego is clearly the better team and should win but the Jets are playing well and I like Rex Ryan...still sticking with the Chargers since I picked them last week.

Living in Baltimore, it is tough to pick against the Ravens who's defense came to play in a big way last weekend against the Pats, however I stand by my Superbowl pick and think Peyton Manning, the best QB of our time (and after this Superbowl of all time), will lead the Colts to victory this week and to hold the Lombardi for the 2nd time of his career.

In the NFC, my pre-playoff pick of the Packers game up a TD short in Arizona even with an offensive showcase by Rodgers, so I need to pick a new NFC representative. The divisional game between the Saints & Cards is already underway and the Saints are up by a TD in the 2nd quarter (was at the movies earlier today so didn't get to the computer until now)....I think this is going to be the best game of the weekend and looks to be another repeat of the offensive display we saw with the Cards & Packers last Sunday which is what I expected. It will probably come down to whoever has the ball last and I like the Saints with the Dome field advantage (call the pick cheap since they are already winning but it is what it is) make up for it, I will pick them to beat the Vikings next week and travel to Miami to rep the NFC against the Colts in the Superbowl.

We already know I picked the Vikings to beat the Cowgirls so I won't change that now but you have to think it will be very hard for Favre & company to get by that defense which is the hottest unit in the NFL right now and we all know defense is known to win championships (see Steelers from last year and the Giants from the year before)...really hate the Cowgirls though so Go Vikes!

That is all for now, the Saints just scored another big TD on a flea-flicker bomb from Brees to Henderson...maybe this game will get ugly as I just learned Rodgers-Cromartie is out with a knee injury which makes it even that much harder to stop this record-setting Saints offense...amazing.

Here's hoping to all the games being fun to watch and will blog you later.


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Looks like I'm off to a flying start with my playoff predictions...guess that's what a bunch of turnovers do. Tom Brady looked awful earlier today and the Eagles couldn't hang onto the ball last night, now the Packers are handing the game to the Cardinals. 1-3 isn't a very good start and what's even worse is that if Green Bay can't get their shit together here, they ain't going all the way which kills my NFC predictions completely. Terrible.

Let's all just hope the Cowgirls don't make it to Miami.