Saturday, January 09, 2010

NFL Playoff Predictions...

OK, not going to spend 5 hours doing pointless research for a simple opinion on who we'll see playing for the Lombardi a few short weeks from now, but I wanted to update my predictions now that all the seeds are set and all relevant regular season injuries are known (sorry to see you go down Wes W.).

Let's start with the NFC this time...the field is more or less wide open this year as I wouldn't be extremely surprised to see any of the 6 teams playing in the Superbowl. Week 17 made the Cowgirls look damn near perfect but I still like the Pack better. In fact, I like the Saints and Packers more than Dallas at this point. Enough pussy footing around, here are my picks:

Wild Card:

Dallas over Eagles - only way the Birds pull this out is if Romo falls back into his pre-December 2009 ways and McNabb hits a couple of the big TD plays the Eagles have come to be known for. I'm expecting a 10-13 point margin of victory for the Cowgirls.

Packers over Cards - guess this was obvious given my post from last week before the Pack laid the smack down on 'Zona, but I continue to stand by my prediction of Green Bay all the way (until they hit Miami). This one should be closer than week 17 but the banged up Cardinals are in trouble at home this weekend.


Packers over Saints - New Orleans will be rested and rocking when Green Bay comes to town, but expect Rodgers & Co to get their roll on and win a shootout against Brees and the banged up Saints' defense.

Vikings over Cowgirls - I'll admit this might be the toughest call for me as the Cowgirls will be riding high after laying down a 3 game sweep of the Birds and be hotter than Hansel arriving in Minnesota. If this game were in Dallas, I would go with them but being in the dome up north I will give Favre the benefit of the doubt and look for a 3-7 point win to set up yet another Favre versus Pack face off.

Conference Championship:

Packers over Vikings - could there be a bigger media dream than this matchup...Rodgers vs Favre/Favre vs Green Bay...will be sick of the coverage leading up to the game but will be excited to watch it. Another high-scoring affair, but this time the Packers D is the difference in the end, picking off Brett late in the 4th to seal a 4 point victory and everyone in Green Bay can rejoice as this win might be bigger than winning the actual Superbowl.

I know it's a bit of a stretch given the road the Packers will have to travel to get to Miami (Arizona to New Orleans to Minnesota to Miami), but I think the combination of Rodgers and the defense will make it happen. We shall see...

On to the AFC,

Wild Card:

Bengals over Jets - throw out last weekend's game. At first glance, I see the top ranked defense & running attack versus an overrated AFC North champ with an unexciting offense, however I will let all the bandwagoneers jump on the Jet train and pick the wrong team. I expect a low scoring game but when the Jets running game comes up short, look for Sanchez to hand the game over to Palmer and the Bengals. Should be close but I like Cincy in the end.

Patriots over Ravens - another hard game with Welker sidelined for the year. If he was suiting up I think it probably wouldn't be much of a game but he is that valuable to the Pats. This Edleman character will probably have a decent game as the Ravens suspect secondary triple teams Moss and the Pats' running game is nothing to be overly concerned about, however Brady at home in the playoffs against a team who can't seem to win the close games...not looking very good for Bmore. Expect it to be close with Welker out but look for Brady to find a way.


Colts over Bengals - no perfect season for Indy but this game will come close to a perfect win as the Colts should steam roll the hapless Bengal offense. I expect a 2-3 TD win for the rested and slightly rusty Colts. Enough said.

Chargers over Patriots - the 2009 road woes of the Patriots are exploited against the hottest team in the NFL. Close at first but the flaws of New England surface early in the second half and LT seals a 10 point San Diego win with a 4th quarter TD, setting up what may prove to be the next best thing to the Minny-Green Bay Championship game.

Conference Championship:

Colts over Chargers - like I said last week, it's time for Peyton to buck the recent trend against the Chargers. Should be a very good game but Manning might just be the best all-around QB ever in the NFL which will be the difference in this game and in the Superbowl. Sorry Norv Turner, try again next year.


Colts over Packers - a good matchup, close game, but not as exciting as some of the recent Superbowls...Colts win by 7-10 and seal up Peyton's second Lombardi. Thanks for playing Green Bay but you got your Superbowl with a win over Favre...enjoy & congrats to Peyton for building on his already impressive legacy in the NFL.

Can't wait for the games to begin...GO EAGLES!! SHOCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!