Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First the Superbowl and now Cytana???

You New York fans sure have it good the last few weeks. Not sure how many Giants fans are also Mets fans, but either way, you have to be happy about going to the Superbowl and then landing the "Superbowl-like" sweepstakes for Johan Santana. Granted this breaking news is dependent on Santana passing a physical and him agreeing to waive his no-trade clause to go to NY - which is utimately dependent on Johan getting a mega-million dollar contract extension from the Mets - but we all know these NY clubs have more money than anyone and that GM Omar Minaya is ready to do whatever it takes to get this guy on the mound at Shea.
Landing the best overall pitcher in the majors is a pretty significant upgrade for the Mets and most likely makes them the favorite to win the NL East now over my beloved Phils. It may even vault them in to the World Series if they get quality pitching from the rest of their staff assuming Johan continues to be the pitcher we have seen dominate hitters over the last few years. They now have an ace to match the Phils' Hamels and we know they have some big bats so the race for the East should be close again. We will take a closer look at this deal after the big game this weekend as we begin to switch our gears over to baseball. Until then, stay tuned and Go Phils!


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