Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Let the games begin! Please join us this Saturday, February 2nd, for the 3rd Annual Superbowl Saturday Pub Crawl. The first 2 years were a smashing success and the 3rd time should be even better. This is not your typical bar crawl ladies...all participants will be randomly assigned to 2 teams (the Giants & Patriots obviously) and will engage in several drinking contests along the way. Last year I believe Da Bears outlasted the Colts in a blowout victory (in the bars that is) and we only lost a couple drunks along the way. The shirts this year will be in red with black writing (we don't really like either team so we settled on red as a neutral color) and will be available at the low cost of $13 a piece...what a steal!!! A crowd pleaser for sure! OK, enough with the talk, let's get down to the details. Here is the functional/flexible itinerary for this Saturday:

3:00 - The Official kickoff of the 2008 FSD Superbowl Saturday Pub Crawl - Meet at JD's Smokehouse in Canton (thankfully the non-smoking law should be in effect on Saturday, YUH!) to get your shirts on and grab a quick bite to eat (pretty good bar food here, hopefully they are quick to serve and be sure to get your order in pronto if you plan to eat!) before the games begin. We will also pick the teams for the drink off as everyone meets up and nurses their first couple of tasty beverages.

4:00 (times are a bit loose on this thing but we'll try to stick to them as best as possible) - Jump in cab's and head over to Max's on Broadway in Fells Point. This will be the spot of the first event...The Jet Fuel Chug Off. Each team will get a round of Jet Fuel beers (poured out of a money F-15 tap that actually makes jet engine sounds as it pours the beers...fun times for all) and line up facing each other. The team who finishes all their beers first obviously wins the event.

The next stop will be The Greene Turtle where event #2 will be held...The Statue of Liberty. This one is a bit tricky as you not only have to like shots but you have to be a little ballzy to pull it off as well. The way this contest will be judged is that each team will get a point for each member who successfully completes the event. You get a shot of Rumplemintz, dip a couple of digits in to get them nice & primed...light the bad boys on fire with a lighter, take the shot with your blazing fingers extended above your head like the Statue of Liberty and then extinguish them in your mouth after the shot. Now this is obviously not for everyone, especially the ladies, so each team will get 1 point for each guy that finishes and 2 for each girl.

The 3rd bar in Fells is TBD and will be a GTD on the fly....we can discuss over a cold beverage as those who played in event 2 ice down. This will also be the spot for event 3...The Light Beer Luge. While properly played with some sort of luge type device, we can get by just drinking from the bottles and calling it a luge for sake of practicality. Each team will choose whichever light beer they like best and once again line up facing each other and the first team to finish gets a point. Very similar to event one but at least the beer will be something you choose this go round.

7:00 - Jump in cabs and head to Don't Know in Federal Hill. The 4th event will be determined by team captains (nominated by their teams before first event) and will be the next to last event so it'll most likely be very crucial to deciding which team takes home the FSD Cup in 2008.

From Don't Know, we'll stumble on down to the old Sean Bolan's (assuming the place still exists as I haven't been over there in quite some time) - I believe the place is now called Clayton's or something like that. If the place is closed or unsutiable for our crowd for whatever reason, we will just skip and go to the next bar...either way this next stop will host the 5th and final event to determine this year's winner. DAS BOOT!! Yes, I doubt anyone will be carrying around large glass boots that we can drink out of so a pitcher or 2 very large beers will have to do. Each team will once again line up with full beers and have to waterfall chug down the line until they get to the end of the line where DAS BOOT will have to be finished off by the anchormen/women. Normally this would be one large beer guzzling beast but for purposes of co-ed play, we will use 2 anchor persons to end the contest. The final 2 will either split a pitcher of beer (DAS BOOT) or 2 large beers (1 each) to end up after the other team members chug down the line.

Once DAS BOOT is completed we'll crown the new FSD champions of the world and head over to Nevin's so that the losing team can Karaoke a song (chosen by the winners). Yes, the entire team will have to participate in the singing and hopefully it will be something very embarrassing so that the winners can get a good laugh out of it. The losers will also be required to buy their counterpart their next beer of choice to drink while watching the big show.

From Nevin's. we'll hit all the bars on cross street in order, Crazy Lil's, Grumpy's, Ryleigh's, Magerk's, Mother's, etc. and continue the drinking and good times. Hopefully most of the crew we start with will be able to make it until at least 10 pm but either way it will be fun for all.

2:00 - For those left standing at last call, we'll head over to Maria D's for a late night food bonanza before heading home for even more drunk eating and goofing off.

That will conclude the crawl and then we'll all go to bed to get a good night's rest so we can be sure to be awake for the big game at 6 pm eastern time. Stay tuned for Dr. X's prediction which if I was a betting man will not be close like it was last year but it is what it is.
Make it happen!



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