Thursday, June 07, 2007

2007 QB Rankings

Here are the early QB rankings, by tiers:

Peyton Manning - No brainer #1.
Carson Palmer - No brainer #2.
Tom Brady - No brainer #3.
Drew Brees - Doubtful he equals or bests last year's numbers, but still a top talent.
Marc Bulger - Steady, though Bruce is not getting any younger, and the Rams should run more this year.
Donovan McNabb - Assumed he returns for the start of training camp as expected; move him to the top of this tier if he's 100% by Week 1.
Matt Leinart - Loads of talent; gotta love his recievers.
Matt Hasselbeck - Losing DJax will hurt. Still a solid player.
Philip Rivers - Could repeat last year's success or fall off the fantasy earth. Time will tell.
Jon Kitna - Looks like he's a legitimate Top 10, albeit by default...however, you could make case for ranking him below any of the next 4 on this list.
Ben Roethlisberger - Had very respectable fantasy stats in a bad year without Hines Ward. Should be better this year.
Vince Young - The Madden Curse scares me.
Tony Romo - Butterfinger jokes aside, he's still a serviceable fantasy player.
Eli Manning - I'm hatin'...with good reason. He's the most overrated QB in the NFL not named Mike Vick. There...I said it.
Alex Smith - If Vernon Davis progresses as expected, Smith could rise to the top of this tier and blossom into a fringe fantasy starter.
Jay Cutler - You could flip-flop him and Smith...same description applies, less the bit about Davis.
Brett Favre - The tank has to run dry sooner or later; I don't think he has the right weapons and OL around him right now.
Michael Vick - Ugh. Even if he stays out of the pokey, I want no parts of him on my squad.
J.P. Losman - Quietly keeps getting better and better
Jason Campbell - Look what Trent Green did in an Al Saunders offense...and Campbell has better wide receivers.
Steve McNair - NOT...DEAD...YET!
Byron Leftwich - Shame they had to play musical chairs with the starting QB gig last year.
Rex Grossman - Dr. Jekyll, meet Mr. Hyde.
Chad Pennington - Is there enough duct tape in the Meadowlands janitorial closet to hold Pennington's arm together?
Jake Delhomme - A year ago, he was "THE" chic sleeper. Now, he has David Carr breathing down his neck. A year changes lots of things, doesn't it???
Matt Schaub - Finally gets a shot. Too bad it's in Houston.
Trent Green - Finally in Miami. We think.
Damon Huard (KC) or Brodie Croyle - Whoever wins, slot 'em here. They want to hand the reigns over to Croyle, but Huard is more deserving, IMHO.
JaMarcus Russell - Rare do I feel sorry for a #1 draft pick...but this kid got a raw deal.
Tarvaris Jackson - Instead of Brady Quinn? What is going on here? Is Matt Millen or Rich Kotite on the Minny payroll???