Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dr. C Bass hits the NL-Only circuit

Had a 10 team NL Only 4x4 (no Rs or Ks) draft last night. Start 2 C, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 3B, 1 SS, 5 OF, 2 U, and 5-9 pitchers with up to 2 reserve spots. Went for best overall value with every pick, and I'm weak at the corners as a result. Love my pitching staff, though.

Round 1
3 seabass Jose B. Reyes (SS NYM) In retrospect, I should've taken Soriano or Ryan Howard since Rs aren't a category. Oh well. Soriano stinks right now anyway. At least I didn't take Carlos Lee first overall (snickering laugh). Too bad I couldn't pick 2nd...

Round 2
18 seabass Jake Peavy (P SD) I like Peavy to win the Cy Young this year, but to play Monday AM QB, I should've taken a bat, given the ridiculous pitching value I grabbed later in the draft. This was my first NL only, and I figured that the pitching depth would be slim and I wouldn't be able to draft bats-first, pitching later like I would in a mixed league.

Round 3
23 seabass Brian McCann (C ATL) I hate position scarcity picks, but since we start TWO catchers...

Round 4

38 seabass Aaron Harang (P CIN) This was an autopick. I was watching the Sox/Yanks game and didn't know I was on the clock.

Round 5

43 seabass Matt Cain (P SF) Couldn't let him stay out there much longer. Didn't really love the bats available, and I got Bonds & Burrell (the OF bats I needed and was looking at) 3 & 4 rounds later.

Round 6

58 seabass John Smoltz (P ATL) Another value pick.

Round 7

63 seabass Francisco Cordero (P MIL) Best closer left; he's pitching lights-out.

Round 8

78 seabass Pat Burrell (OF PHI) Best power bat left on the board.

Round 9

83 seabass Barry Bonds (OF SF) Ridiculous that he was still there. Had to take him. I hate him like everyone else who lives 50 miles outside of the Bay Area...but I've learned to not let personal feelings get in the way of drafting the player who can help my team the most.

Round 10

98 seabass Jose Valverde (P ARI) By far the best closer left out there. Good value pick.

Round 11

103 seabass Morgan Ensberg (3B HOU) Best CI left out there, and the first one I took.

Round 12

118 seabass Chris Duncan (OF STL) Should hit 25+ HRs. Not bad for a 3rd or 4th NL only OF.

Round 13

123 seabass Chris Duffy (OF PIT) Cheap steals late. Gotta love 'em.

Round 14

138 seabass Ian Snell (P PIT) At this point, I said to myself, "Wow. Is anyone else in this league watching MLB this year??" When you think about it, this would be the equivalent of a 28th round pick in a 10 team mixed league.

Round 15

143 seabass Dmitri Young (1B WAS) -- only halfway noteworthy 1b left, and I waited 2-3 rounds before taking him.

Round 16

158 seabass Kelly Johnson (2B ATL) Best 2B left on the board; could hit 20 HRs and steal a few bags here and there. Swinging a hot stick, so I liked him over the decrepit Biggio here.

Round 17

163 seabass Carlos Ruiz (C PHI). The pickins for #2 C were slim.

Round 18

178 seabass Felix Pie (OF CHC) Was surprised to see him still out there in the 18th after being called up a day or two before. Pie is a raw, but he's a 20/20 guy with a Carlos Beltran ceiling.

Round 19

183 seabass Dan Wheeler (P HOU) Ridiculous value. Nuff said.

Round 20

198 seabass Kip Wells (P STL) This guy is going to win 12, possibly 15 games this season...and to think, I took him 2 spots ahead of Termell Sledge.

Round 21

203 seabass Ryan Theriot (2B CHC) Again, cheap steals late...and may be playing himself into a regular gig

Round 22

218 seabass Nick Johnson (1B WAS) Stashing him on the DL and playing Da Meat Hook in his stead. Will grab either Ryan Braun or A. De Aza, then a leftover bat from the slim pickins...Jason Lane, Joe Borchard (while he's hot at least), Alberto Callaspo, Wes Helms, and Matt Diaz (assuming he takes Langerhans's job) are the best of the rest. Yuck.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fantasy Baseball Providers: Rankings

OK, here's my rankings after the first 2 weeks of the season:


1) CBS. Has it all.

2) Yahoo! Really, they're 1A on this list...lack of free live scoring forces me to put them down as #2. Quality product.


3) ESPN. The multitude of their issues of ineptitude have been well-documented. ESPN football league owners, run for your lives! At least the Draft Room was top shelf, and ESPN offers built-in keeper league support as well as free live scoring.


4) AOL. Looks like my wife and daughter designed it. It was late to market, and it still sucks. Can you believe that Todd Helton...and not Ryan on the Can't Cut list??? Worse, on an auto-draft, neither Travis Hafner nor Jim Thome were drafted. All DHs were not included in the pre-rankings...the only reason David Ortiz was included is 1B eligibility. Site is constantly slow to respond, as well.


Fox Sports. Doing an NL-Only draft later this week.