Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dr. Bass reacts to the Bobby Abreu trade

As the Phils now sit a mere 3.5 games back in the Wild Card race, Dr. Bass is still in denial over the rape known as the Abreu trade, wondering if we might've had a legitimate shot if he was still around. The deal sits so poorly with me that I decided to sift through the last 40 years of transactions by the Phillies in search of other poor trades, and here's what I found. Take heart, Phils fans, this Abreu trade doesn't even crack the top 5 of "worst Phillies trades ever."

1. Date: January 27, 1982

Trade: The Cubs get Larry Bowa and Ryne Sandberg from the Phils for Ivan DeJesus. That's Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg. For Ivan Freaking DeJesus. Nice work.

2. Date: April 21, 1966

Trade: The Cubs sent Larry Jackson and Bob Buhl to the Phillies for Ferguson Jenkins, John Herrnstein and Adolfo Phillips. Hey...isn't Ferguson Jenkins in Cooperstown, too?

3. December 9, 1982

Traded Manny Trillo, George Vukovich, Jay Baller, Julio Franco, and Jerry Willard to the Cleveland Indians. Received Von Hayes. We all know how this one turned out...Franco is STILL playing in the bigs. Von Hayes? Not a terrible player, but not quite the 5 major-leaguers-for-1 player the Phils had hoped for.

4. Date: December 11, 1917

Trade: The Cubs get Grover Cleveland Alexander and Bill Killefer from the Phillies for Mike Prendergast, Pickles Dillhoefer, and $55,000. OK, so this one happened more than 40 years ago but it was a classic boner nonetheless. I don't think Pickles quite filled the void of HOFer Alexander. Hey, at least the Phils pocketed 55 large...

5. July 26, 2000

Traded Curt Schilling to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Received Omar Daal, Nelson Figueroa, Travis Lee, and Vicente Padilla. Ugggh. Two rings later, we're happy for Schilling and still pissed at the organization. Maybe it wouldn't be QUITE as bad if we kept Padilla around...he's got good stuff, he's been fairly consistent, and he's better than Madson, Floyd, or Eude Freakin' Brito!!! At least all four of the guys we got in this deal made it to The Show...I don't think we'll see any of them wearing two World Series rings anytime soon, though.

6. Date: July 30, 2006

Trade: The Yankees get Bobby Abreu and Corey Lidle from the Phillies for C.J. Henry, Matt Smith, Jesus Sanchez and Carlos Monasterios. Rape, plain and simple. The only reason this isn't ranked higher on the list is because there is a chance...albeit a slight one...that one or two of these kids might actually turn into a good player. Then again, the chances of that happening to these kids while wearing a Phillies uniform is even lower...

7. July 29, 2002

Traded Scott Rolen, Doug Nickle, and cash to the St. Louis Cardinals. Received Placido Polanco, Mike Timlin, and Bud Smith. The only reason this trade is so low on the list is because the Phillies' hand was forced to make a deal (unlike in Abreu's case). At least the Phils got some Major Leaguers in return...

8. March 24, 1984

The Philadelphia Phillies traded Willie Hernandez and Dave Bergman to the Detroit Tigers for John Wockenfuss and Glenn Wilson. Hernandez immediately went to the All-Star Game 3 straight seasons and won the Cy Young and MVP awards. Wilson had one half-decent year where he drove in 100 runs despite only 15 HRs. His batting average surely was nothing to write home about.

9. October 3, 1988

Traded Lance Parrish to the California Angels. Received David Holdridge.

Parrish went to the All-Star Game after the deal. Can't quite say the same for David Holdridge.

10. December 3, 1984

Sent Mike LaValliere to the St. Louis Cardinals as part of a conditional deal. Later received him he was essentially traded for himself. Shortly thereafter, the Phils released him and he enjoyed a prolific 12 year career as a Pittsburgh Pirates backstop and won a Gold Glove Award.

11. April 5, 1975

Traded Bill Robinson to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Received Wayne Simpson. Bill Robinson had a nice career as a Buc. Who the heck is Wayne Simpson?

12. March 26, 1984

Traded Gary Matthews, Bob Dernier, and Porfi Altamirano to the Chicago Cubs. Received Bill Campbell and Mike Diaz. Granted, Dernier and Matthews were on the decline, but they were still a heck of a lot better than the two clowns they got in return. Kind of a puzzling deal in March for a team that went to a World Series the year before.

13. December 14, 1982

Traded Mike Krukow, Mark Davis, and Charles Penigar (minors) to the San Francisco Giants. Received Joe Morgan and Al Holland. Krukow later went on to a 20 win season and Mark Davis won a Cy Young award. Morgan lasted one year as a Phillie; Holland two. Holland was a decent closer for the '83 NL Champion Phils...otherwise, this trade would appear higher on the list.

14. June 8, 2005

Traded Placido Polanco to the Detroit Tigers. Received Ugueth Urbina and Ramon Martinez. Martinez seems worthless, and Urbina is still in jail last I checked. Polanco, meanwhile, remains a productive major league player on a contending team.

15. Allowing George Bell to go in the Rule V Draft to Toronto. Technically it's not a trade, but it's a dumb move nonetheless. He appeared in multiple All-Star Games while the Phils trotted out a rotation of guys that included Ron Jones, Jeff Stone, Milt Thompson, and other illustrious players of their ilk.