Friday, July 28, 2006

Who should be my first pick???

The month of August is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: fantasy football preparation time. Yep, time to get those cheat sheets in order because draft day is right around the corner.Who should you take if you had the #1 pick? In past years, that question was an easy one; successively, there were the eras of Terrell Davis, Marshall Faulk, and Priest Holmes...but what about THIS year? Well, there are three candidates. They are as follows:

Larry Johnson

Pros: Most upside of the three; would've broken the single-season rushing record last year if he was the starter from Day One. He's in an offense committed to the run, and Gonzo keeps LBs honest for him.

Cons: Least experienced of the three; lost his fullback, offensive coordinator, and head coach this offseason...and now All-World left tackle Willie Roaf as well.

Shaun Alexander

Pros: Is a proven commodity; the consensus "safe pick" of the three. The back of his football card shows some pretty nice numbers over the past several years, and the offense he plays in is a good one.

Cons: Can you say "Super Bowl Hangover?" Ask the last few Super Bowl losers about that phenomenon. Also, didn't he just get a fat paycheck? He also lost a key blocker or two via free agency.

LaDainian Tomlinson

Pro: Also a proven commodity; he's practically money. And he's in an offense committed to the run, and Gates keeps LBs honest for him.

Cons: How many red zone opportunities will he get now that Drew Brees isn't there to matriculate the ball downfield? Philip Rivers kinda scares me.

Essentially, you have to go with your gut and pick one of these three...the one YOU think will post the best season. To me, they are 1a, 1b, and 1c and you can't go wrong with any of them.

That said, there are some people who have their hearts set on one of these three, so if you can trade down to #2 or #3, get something of value, and still be in position to grab one of these three, then do it IMMEDIATELY. That said, most people don't have that luxury, so I'll stay with my M.O.: when comparing two or more players who are close in talent/rankings, ALWAYS go with the guy with the most upside. Clearly, that guy is Larry Johnson. So unless you feel a strong devotion to Alexander or Tomlinson, LJ is your guy.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dr. Bass Has More Answers

If you have a problem or dilemma with fantasy sports, Dr. Bass is here to help you. When something important is weighing on your mind, don't mess around with so-called professionals...Dr. Phil ain't got $h!* on Dr. Bass! Although maybe Dr. Phil is what the Saints and Reggie Bush need these days. It's not even August and already the word "holdout" is being thrown around. Which leads me to the first question:


Q: I have one team which has both Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush. One is a known player with injury problems and the other was great in college but an unknown in the pros. I need to get rid of one since I don't like having two backs from the same team. Who do I try to trade?

- Brother Micheal

A: Get rid of neither. In addition to what you mention above, there are the Bush holdout rumors. Wait to see how everything shakes out and cut a backup kicker or defense instead.
Those "commodities" are useless except for 1x a year, and you can find a suitable replacement on any given bye week.

Q: Would you trade Peyton for Shaun Alexander?

A: YES! In any league. Next question.


Q: What do you think of my dynasty Fantasy team? I keep the same team year to year, so youth matters. Who should I trade and what should I trade for?

QB: Mark Brunell, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers
RB: Larry Johnson, Ronnie Brown, JJ Arrington
WR: Steve Smith, Donald Driver, Matt Jones
TE: Marcus Pollard, Steve Heiden
K: Neil Rackers
DEF: Carolina, Kansas City



QBs: C. Brunell's season came out of nowhere, Favre's in the twilight of his career, and I've seen nothing from Aaron Rodgers to indicate that he's got any value whatsoever.

RBs: A+. LJ and Ronnie alone are enought to get you into the playoffs. Arrington is worthless, especially with Edge around. Don't trade LJ or Ronnie at ANY COST. Go grab yourself a backup with upside (a la Ron Dayne, Marion Barber, or better yet Verron Haynes) if you can.

WRs: A. Steve Smith probably had a career year. He's great, but I'd sell high by packaging him w/ a QB and see if you can get Fitzgerald (or another top 5 WR) and a serviceable upgrade at the QB position. Driver is a decent roster filler, and Matt Jones has tons of upside - nice sleeper.

TEs: C. Nothing to get excited about here. You can probably find better in the free agent pool. Don't trade for a TE, though. Heiden??? Wow. I didn't know he was still in the league...

K: A. Saaaay, Nice Rackers.

DEF: A. KC will be up and down, but Carolina is arguably the cream of the crop.

You will make the playoffs...and you're a trade away from contending for a championship.


Q: Free Fantasy Football site vs Pay FFB site? What's the advantage of using a Pay site?

A: There are some people who get paid to be Dr. Bass for a living. Problem is, there is a fine line between analysis and paralysis. These guys you want to pay for were the same ones saying you should take Mark Teixiera over Manny Ramirez back in March and April. There is a lot of good insight available on the web for free. Like this site, for example. As the old saying goes, why pay for the cow when you're getting the milk for free? Pay sites are for your money for food and beer for your draft instead and keep reading this site for free.


Q: Got an offer and not sure if i should take it or not: I give Terrell Owens & Chad Johnson for Larry Fitzgerald & Clinton Portis. My other RB is Shaun Alexander and other WR's are Reggie Wayne & Roy Williams.


A: Are you KIDDING??? T.O. is getting older, is going to a team with a fossil at QB, and frankly, he's too big of a risk for me. If he couldn't cope with Pro Bowlers like Garcia (who was in his early-to-mid 30s when Owens was there) and McNabb (a perennial Pro Bowler despite lacking ANY offensive weapons before Owens arrived), what makes you think he and BLEDSOE will click? Besides, Brian Dawkins is going to shatter him into pieces when the two teams meet, and if he doesn't, Eagles fans will in the parking lot after the game!!! ;)

Kidding aside, Larry Fitzgerald is the most underrated WR in football, and he's STILL a top 5 WR. I like Chad Johnson, but Portis is a consensus top 5 RB, and FFL is all about RBs.

You will be fine with Shaun & Clinton, Fitz & Wayne...I like that better than Shaun & _____, Owens & Johnson unless the ____ is LaDainian Tomlinson or Larry Johnson.

Do it NOW...before you take a leak, before you eat your next meal, before you finish reading this sentenc


Q: What are your thoughts on A-Rod?


A: Let's see...ask anyone about the Yankees' Achilles Heel and they'll talk ad nauseum about the subpar starting rotation.

Yet A-Rod...the reigning AL MVP, 10 time All-Star, and a guy on pace for 35+ HR, 120 RBI, and an OBP near .400... is getting thrown under the bus left and right. People just hate because he makes a lot of money. Not his fault the Rangers' GM decided to open the checkbook...what would YOU say if someone offered you $250MM over 10 years to do YOUR job?

Hey idiot Yankee fans...if you don't want A-Rod, we'll take him in Philly!!!


Q: Who should I take: Carson Palmer or Tom Brady?

A: As much as I like Palmer, take Brady. He is the consensus #2 fantasy QB, he's steady as a rock, and he isn't coming off of major knee surgery.


Q: I'm looking for good young Tight Ends.

I'm in a dynasty FFL meaning you keep the same team from year to year. I'm drafting 10th of 12 in the draft. My question is: Who are some of the best rookie tight ends this year? Vernon Davis will be gone by the time I pick but who else could I go for?

A: It doesn't matter. Rare is the rookie TE who amounts to anything. There are exceptions, but you're better off taking an established pass-catching veteran in a moderately prolific offense. Davis is the only one in this year's class I see who has the talent to bust out THIS year...and even that's not a given due to the QB and offense situation in San Fran. Meanwhile, if you want too see some good young Tight Ends, check this out:

More good tight ends can be scouted here:


-Dr. Bass