Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dr. Bass Checks His Mail

Thankfully, Dr. Bass is alive and well and did not perish during the lull in sports known as the MLB All-Star break. Nothing else happens in other major sports are in session. The Mid Summer Classic has become a yawner, and the supporting festivities are even worse. The HR Derby is no fun unless you bet on it, and the Celebrity All-Star Softball game offers all the excitement and overblown pageantry of a turtle-mating video.

That said, Dr. Bass has kept busy...let's check the in-box and see what the patients need these days:

Q: Can you give me advice to make a stronger fantasy team? I have:

C P. Lo Duca
1B C. Tracy
2B M. Giles
3B D. Wright
SS Ha. Ramírez
OF J. Drew
OF J. Pierre
OF J. Guillén
Util M. Holliday
Util J. Lugo
Util N. Garciaparra
Util M. Napoli
Util C. Izturis

SP D. Lowe
SP N. Robertson
SP J. Lackey
SP B. Penny
SP B. Colón
P B. Fuentes
P A. Otsuka
P J. Isringhausen
P T. Coffey
P B. Wagner
BN T. Wakefield
BN Jo. Johnson

Thank you!
-Jose Lima

A: Even though you call yourself Jose Lima, I will answer you anyway. Unless you are in a keeper league, sell high on Hanley Rameriz. He's about to hit a wall.

Shop Wagner. Your other closers are solid enough, and Wags can get you the best return of the bunch. See if you can land an ace starter for him. Finding a good trade partner is all about finding teams who have what you want and need what you have.

Shop J.D. Drew. He's about as durable as tissue paper and he's overdue for a DL stint. Go after an under-the-radar slugging OF who won't hurt you in BA.

Cut your losses on Coffey. He's done. Everyday Eddie's in town now. If you can't find another closer, go after Joel Zumaya (DET) or someone of his ilk that can help you in Strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP. (NOTE: Fausto Carmona and Bob Wickman are newly employed as closers)

LoDuca is a worthless fantasy commodity. Start Napoli (LAA) at catcher, drop Small Paul, and pick up the best bat available in the free agent pool, regardless of position.

-Dr. Bass

Q: Who is starting RB for the Bears: Thomas Jones or C. Benson? Who will get more play time?

-Mike P

A: Benson. Just look at Thomas Jones' year-by-year career stats. Then focus on 2005. Can you say "career year?" To make matters worse, Jones is in Lovie Jones' doghouse for missing the Bears' offseason mini-camps. Not a wise move by TJ when the Bears have a #1 pick invested in Benson.

-Dr. Bass

Q: Would it be smart to drop Kurt Warner and pick up Matt Leinart or Vince Young?

A: In a keeper league? Yes, assuming you have another serviceable QB. In a non-keeper league? No.

-Dr. Bass

Q: Would you cut any of these guys for Coco Crisp, and if so, who and why?

JD Drew

Would you cut Youkilis for Cantu, if so, why? I have Dunn and Konerko to play 1B, and Zimmerman and Ramirez at 3B. Kent is my only 2B and he's been dinged up this year.... can Cantu rebound?

- Amazins

A: S. Green - No. Too streaky, and he has no speed.

D. DeJesus - Sure, he's swinging a hot bat and Crisp is still working his way back to top form, but why settle for a poor man's Coco Crisp when you have the real thing?

JD Drew - Worth considering, but I'd stay with Crisp for the moment. Did I mention that I hate J-DL Drew? He's due for a 15-Day stint soon.

I would cut Youkilis for Cantu because Cantu has more upside...and yes, he can rebound. It's a slight risk at the moment, but I'd rather roll the dice on a 2B with 25/100 capability than a dime-a-dozen corner infielder.

-Dr. Bass

Q: Rothlesberger or Bledsoe? Both QB's are on my fantasy team. Who should I start?

-Bob G

A: I would start neither. Both are backup QBs. Trade from depth at your other positions and get yourself a REAL starting QB or you will be sorry come, October.

-Dr. Bass


Q: Who will have a better Fantasy year Rod Smith WR from Denver or Joe Horn WR from New Orleans??


A: Neither is a good option, but if you put a gun to my head and make me pick one, I'd take Horn. I guess. No, Smith. No, Horn. Well, you get the point.

I'd say pass on these two geezers and take a flyer on a talented 2nd or 3rd year youngster. Draft upside...there will always be cagey veterans lying around the waiver wire.

- Dr. Bass

Q: I just traded Vernon Wells, Corey Patterson and Ching Ming Wang for Ryan Howard and Felix Hernandez. Good or bad?

-Full Of Questions

A: You got a deal, especially if it's a keeper league. As much as I like Wells, Howard is DA MAN, and I'd rather have Felix than Wang. Patterson is stealing bases, but his career stats suggest that the first half of '06 was an abberation.

Nice work! Maybe I should hire you as my fantasy team's GM...


Q: Would you trade A-Rod and and injured Alex Rios for Brandon Webb, Bronson Arroyo and Jorge Cantu?

I already have Matt Holliday, Magglio Ordonez, Grady Sizemore and jermaine Dye in my outfield. I know Rios is fabulous, but I can afford to trade an outfielder. Cantu would take A-Rod's spot at third. The big question is, are Webb and Arroyo good enough to pull the trigger?



-Dr. Bass


Q: I just traded Adam Dunn and Marcus Thames for Beckett, Reed Johnson, Scott Linebrink, and Jake Westbrook. Good or bad?

-Full Of Questions

A: Depends on your scoring system and how many teams are in your league. Assuming a generic 10 team, 5x5 league, I would rank the players involved like this:

1) Dunn
2) Beckett
3) spare part
4) spare part
5) spare part
6) spare part

Therefore, I think it's more or less a wash unless you needed starting pitching.

-Dr. Bass


Q: What goes through a guys mind after sex? Do they become emotionally attached?

-Beautiful Girl

A: It's good to have females asking questions like this because it means all is right with the world. There are a few possibilities:

1) Is the game on yet?
2) Do I have enough beer?
3) I'm hungry...What's in the fridge?

Unless, of course, you are the best he's ever which case you'd never be asking this question in the first place.

-Dr. Bass

Keep asking questions...Dr. Bass has the answers.