Friday, April 28, 2006

Sell High/Buy Low: Pitchers

Even though it's not April anymore, it's still too early to panic. In one league I'm in, Richie Sexson was just put on waivers (and unfortunately, I have the 5th waiver priority, so I have no shot of getting him). Don't be the guy who cuts Sexson (or Pettitte or Dontrelle Willis, for that matter). Great players will shake off slumps and return to form. If you find yourself in the fortunate situation as an owner in a league that stands to benefit from a fellow owner's poor judgement, don't waste time...go get that underperforming stud, stash him on your bench, and remember: patience is a virtue. In the meantime, it's time to go fishing in other owners' rosters. Target underperforming players (especially notoriously slow starters) and you'll punch your ticket to your league's fantasy playoffs once you strike a favorable deal.


SP Dontrelle Willis & Andy Pettitte - Both of these guys have been available on waivers in each least one league I'm in, so you should be able to get these guys at bargain basement prices. If you have adequate bench room, snag one of these guys now if you can.

SP Barry Zito - Only has one win. Has pitched well enough for four of them. Zito is a guy you can target in return as part of a 2-for-2 deal if you're looking to trade a top tier arm for a top tier bat.

SP Felix Hernandez - He'll get it together soon. Time to snatch him from a panicky owner.

SP Roger Clemens - The smart money says he'll be pitching in a month for a MLB club (presumably the Astros). Get him now while he's wasting away on waivers.

RP Brad Lidge - His stock won't be this low for another 5 years. Get him for cheap while you can.

RP Huston Street - Has only 3 saves and his control numbers aren't outstanding. Is close to getting over his nagging injuries, so the time to trade for him is now.

RP Joe Nathan - The save opportunities will come. Especially once Fransisco Liriano becomes a member of Minny's rotation.


SP - Bronson Arroyo - I expected his numbers to improve slightly, but this is just ridiculous. As much as I like Arroyo, he's pitching way above his head. Ship him to a salivating owner while you still can.

SP Wandy Rodriguez - I ain't buyin' what they're sellin' on this cat. Ship him out and get value while you can.

SP Ted Lilly and Kenny Rogers - The inclusion of these two is mainly for AL only (and deep mixed) leagues. Otherwise, neither of these guys should've been on your roster to begin with.

RP - Danys Baez - The reports on Eric Gagne are encouraging so far, and it looks like Baez may not have the closer's job for more than a month.

RP - Bobby Jenks - He's not pitching that well, but he's among the league leaders in saves. Sooner or later, Ozzie Guillen will tire of his act and call on someone else in the 9th.

RP - Todd Jones & David Weathers - A couple of guys who are unspectacular but make excellent speculative plays for fellow owners trolling for saves. Cut these two loose and save your ERA and WHIP.

Coming soon: Sell High/Buy Low: Hitters

Monday, April 24, 2006

FSD League Update....

We're 3 weeks into the season and the cream has already begun to rise to the top in the Sports Doctor's H2H league. The Male Nurse has used his deep pitching rotation and patchwork lineup to take the early lead, sitting 3 games ahead of Team BOO-YA! (yours truly), who has been riding the hot starts of Thome, Ortiz and Hafner up the standings. The top 3 is rounded out by Bass-O-Matic (Dr. C-Bass), who has made a flurry of transactions (22 to date) to sit 7.5 games back from the Mohican Homeys. I have to give mad props to C-Bass for relying on the likes of Phil Nevin, Josh Barfield, Kevin Mench and Alex Rios (to name a few) just to stay in this thing.

Other notables include Dr. Pick 'Em who once again has proven that he is not very good at picking them with his 9-19-2 record out of the gates and finds himself all alone in the cellar, 15.5 games out. He seems to be relying to much on his pitching staff, as he is fielding a handful of so-so players in his lineup and frankly they just haven't been getting the job done. Dr. Money Shot has also found himself in an early hole, as he is only 1 game ahead of Pick 'em in the early going. He at least has a worthy excuse as half of his lineup is hurt, including Aubrey Huff, Todd Helton, Derrek Lee, Griffey, Nomar (just returned) and Beltran (who has missed a week but refuses to go on the DL). He is also without Colon and Prior in his rotation, so if this team starts to get healthy, we can expect a big rebound as the season progresses.

All in all, it should be a good race as the season moves along, but right now, it's as if there are only 3 good teams in the league. The trash talk has been a bit slow and I'd like to see that beefed up a bit but the big talkers such as Pick'Em, B-Money and Longshotz are all well below .500 which may explain their restraint.

This week's big matchups include Da Corporation visiting the Mohican Homeys in which should be a slaughter, but you never know what Chiggs is going to pull out of his sleeve; Allpinkindamiddle vs. Steel City in a showdown for Middle Earth and last but not least, the matchup of the week: BOO-YA! @ Bass-O-Matic. I hope Dr. C-Bass has a box of Kleenex and a cheap seat in the outfield because he's about to get a hefty helping of homers and I don't want his mascara running when he's out there catching all the souvenirs.

I'll be back soon with the first installment of Pimps up, Hos down and some comments on various rookies, injuries (including the devastating D. Lee blow) and other various comments. In the meantime, keep ballin' (no pun intended C-Bass).