Saturday, April 15, 2006

Updated hitter rankings: OF

The only position that sees more fluctuation than starting pitching during the course of a season is outfield. This is due in large part to the sheer number of players who play the position. That said, here are the latest outfield rankings:

1) Vladimir Guerrero - Still the best
2) Manny Rameriz - Don't be fooled by his slow start. Buy low if you can.
3) Bobby Abreu - Does it all, but expect a slight decline in steals.
4) Carl Crawford - As the Quik bunny oncec said, patience is a virtue.
5) Carlos Beltran - Starting to put it together. Look out.
6) Jason Bay - Great player, terrible team.
7) Carlos Lee - Shooting up in value right now.
8) Lance Berkman - Ditto.
9) Adam Dunn - Also rising in value. Will easily mash 40 HR; could reach 50.
10) Miguel Cabrera - Will take a hit in the R and RBI columns due to poor team offense.
11) Gary Sheffield - If Father Time doesn't catch up to him, the steroid investigation will.
12) Johnny Damon - Looks good in pinstripes so far.
13) Ichiro Suzuki - Another good "buy low" option.
14) Grady Sizemore - The average is there; the power and speed will come around.
15) Hideki Matsui - Just plain solid.
16) Vernon Wells - Should reach 30/100/.300 this year and could chip in 10 steals.
17) Torii Hunter - Red-hot in a contract year.
18) Brian Giles - Overlooked and underrated. Especially valuable in leagues that count BB or OBP.
19) Pat Burrell - All he does is mash the ball and drive in runs.
20) Juan Pierre - Will steal plenty and score a ton of runs.
21) Chad Tracy - Still sleeping. Get him now if you can...his versatility makes him even more valuable.
22) Johnny Gomes - OK, this guy's for real.
23) Aaron Rowand - Power and speed. Have to love the ballpark effect.
24) Alex Rios - Putting it all together. Finally.
25) Ken Griffey, Jr. - Have to wait and see on the knee. Sounds familiar. He's ranked this high because of how well he was playing during the WBC, Spring Training, and the first week of the season.

With a few exceptions, the rest is pretty much a crapshoot at this point. There are a ton of veterans who are injury risks or advancing in age (C. Crisp, G. Anderson, M. Ordonez, L. Gonzalez, Edmonds, Alou, S. Green, etc.). There is also some young blood that could put up big numbers (Brad Hawpe, Corey Sullivan, Jeremy Hermida, Matt Murton). There are one-trick ponies who can help you in the steals category (Podsednik, Tavares). Or, if you prefer the safe route, you'll be in heaven because there are many solid but unspectacular OFs to choose from in this category (R. Ibanez, J. Dye, P. Wilson, J. Gibbons, S. Stewart). No matter which type of player you prefer, the name of the game when you get this far down on the OF list is playing the hot hand. Non-stud OFs are a dime-a-dozen, so play the ones who are producing.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

What would a fantasy site be without it's own league?....

The Doctors organized a 10 team 5x5 H2H league on Yahoo with some of their assistants and friends to see who is the true fantasy king. The starting lineups consist of your normal positions, plus a CIF, MIF, DH and 4th OF for hitting, and 3 Starters, 2 Relievers and 3 Flex spots for pitching. Managers can adjust their lineups daily and are encouraged to talk trash like it is their job. That is of course what makes this game fun and keeps everyone interested.

Here are a list of the players and their team names:

1. Dr. X: BOO-YA!
2. Dr. Money Shot: Dr. Money Shot (real original)
3. Dr. C. Bass: Bass-O-Matic
4. Dr. Pick 'Em (pictured above): The Manila Folders (this guy means business)
5. Dr. Longshotz: 2indapink1indastink (A real class act)
6. Chiggs: Da Corporation
7. Kojack the Cop: Los Douchebagos (love the name)
8. Nurse B-Money: Steel City (taking the Steelers thing a bit too far)
9. Daring Dan-O: crazy donkeys (I don't think his keyboard has a shift key)
10. Greg Mackey, The Male Nurse: Mohican Homeys

The draft was held online as the members reside in 3 different states, and there were a couple nimrods who forgot to log in and didn't bother to pre-rank their players so that may explain any unusual picks....except for The Homeys who just decided he was going to use 6 of his first 8 picks on pitchers which explains his fairly weak lineup. I could go through each round and comment on each person's picks but rather than bore you with that, I'll just say that I'm not overly excited about my starting pitching (thanks to Homey drafting them all early), but my hitting is sick, led by Ortiz, Hafner, Thome, Ramirez, Abreu and Sizemore, and I have 4 solid closers in Nathan, Hoffman, Turnbow and Fuentes, so I think I'll do alright. I'll be updating the site with news and standings from the league all season long, so be sure to check back to find out who is the fantasy baseball king.