Friday, March 31, 2006

Updated Hitter Rankings: Catchers & IFs

Although most fantasy leagues have drafted,
Dr. C Bass has three drafts yet to go. For the late bloomers among us, here are Dr. C Bass' up-to-date offensive rankings for catchers and infielders:

1. Victor Martinez
2. Joe Mauer
3. Ramon Hernandez
4. Jason Varitek
5. Javy Lopez
6. Ivan Rodriguez
7. Jorge Posada
8. Josh Willingham
9. Micheal Barrett
10. Bengie Molina

11. Kenji Johjima
12. Mike Piazza
13. Jason Kendall
14. Brian McCann
15. A.J. Pierzynski
16. Ryan Doumit
17. Paul LoDuca
18. Rod Barajas
19. Mike Lieberthal
20. Johnny Estrada

1. Albert Pujols
2. Derrek Lee
3. Mark Teixiera
4. David Ortiz
5. Travis Hafner (if eligible in leagues that use DH/Util)
6. Todd Helton
7. Adam Dunn
8. Paul Konerko
9. Carlos Delgado
10. Lance Berkman
11. Ryan Howard
12. Richie Sexson
13. Chad Tracy
14. Jim Thome
15. Prince Fielder (in a keeper league, flip Prince & Thome)
16. Aubrey Huff
17. Jason Giambi
18. Justin Morneau
19. Chris Shelton
20t. Lyle Overbay
20t. Casey Kotchman


1. Chase Utley 2. Chone Figgins 3. Alfonso Soriano 4. Jorge Cantu 5. Marcus Giles 6. Jeff Kent 7. Brian Roberts 8. Rickie Weeks 9. Tadahito Iguchi 10. Robinson Cano 11. Mark Loretta 12. Mark Ellis 13. Placido Polanco 14. Jose Vidro 15. Josh Barfield (moves up a few slots in a keeper league) 16. Ian Kinsler (ditto) 17. Adam Kennedy 18. Luis Castillo 19. Ryan Freel 20t. Craig Biggio 20t. Ronnie Belliard 20t. Ray Durham

THIRD BASE (Figgins, Cantu eligible at 2b and listed there. No reason to use either at 3b)

1. A-Rod 2. D. Wright 3. M. Cabrera 4. Rolen 5. A. Rameriz 6. E. Chavez 7. Ensberg 8. C. Tracy 9. Blalock 10. M. Mora 11. C. Jones 12. Glaus 13. Beltre 14. E. Encarnacion 15. G. Atkins 16. Hillenbrand 17. A. Boone 18. Zimmerman 19. P. Feliz 20. Lowell


1. M. Tejada 2. M. Young 3. Rollins 4. Jeter 5. Reyes 6. F. Lopez 7. Furcal 8. Peralta 9. B. Crosby 10. Lugo 11. Renteria 12. Barmes 13. C. Guillen 14. Garciaparra 15. O. Cabrera 16. Eckstein 17. J. Uribe 18. K. Greene 19. H. Rameriz 20. A. Berroa

Coming soon: Outfielders

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dr. X's Updated Rankings...

With opening day less than a week away and almost a full month of spring training in the books, it is time to update my original rankings for those of you drafting during these all important last few days. I am not going to go into much detail unless a certain player has made a major jump or fall in the rankings, or if there is injury news to track, but you get the idea. One player that sticks out in my mind is Ryan Howard, whose value has jumped through the roof in the last 3 weeks....the secret is out. We'll start with pitchers and go from there...

1. Johan Santana
2. Roy Oswalt
3. Pedro Martinez - Toe should be fine even if he misses a couple of starts.
4. Jake Peavy
5. Chris Carpenter
6. Carlos Zambrano
7. Roy Halladay
8. Randy Johnson
9. Felix Hernandez
10. Rich Harden
11. Andy Pettitte
12. Ben Sheets
13. Dontrelle Willis
14. John Smoltz
15. Mark Buerhle
16. Jason Schmidt
17. Bartolo Colon
18. Brett Myers
19. Josh Beckett
20. Barry Zito
21. John Patterson
22. Danny Haren
23. C.C. Sabathia
24. Brandon Webb
25. A. J. Burnett - Keep an eye on the elbow.
26. Mark Prior - Starting the season on the DL kills his value....would be surprised if he started 20 games this year.
27. Tim Hudson
28. Curt Schilling
29. Javier Vazquez
30. Zach Duke
31. Noah Lowry
32. Joe Blanton
33. Doug Davis
34. John Lackey
35. Scott Kazmir
36. Mark Mulder
37. Cliff Lee
38. Freddy Garcia
39. Roger Clemens - Not with a team yet, but if you can afford to stash him away after you get 3 solid starters, you will reap the great rewards that are sure to follow when he decides to give it a go.
40. Livan Hernandez
41. Jeremy Bonderman
42. Matt Cain
43. Oliver Perez
44. Jose Contreras
45. Jon Lieber
46. Brad Radke
47. Kelvim Escobar
48. Kevin Millwood
49. Jon Garland
50. Chris Capuano
51. Aaron Harang
52. Francisco Liriano - Likely to start out of the pen, but will eventually be needed in rotation and you will want to have him on your squad when he makes that move.
53. Derek Lowe - Looking good in spring.
54. Brad Penny
55. Matt Morris
56. Esteban Loaiza
57. Daniel Cabrera - Mowing 'em down this spring, however WHIP still hurting.
58. Tim Wakefield
59. Chris Young
60. Erik Bedard
61. Mike Mussina
62. Matt Clement
63. Ervin Santana (not to be confused with Johan)
64. Carlos Silva
65. Jorge Sosa
66. Kenny Rogers Roaster
67. Brandon McCarthy
68. Aaron Heilman
69. Gustavo Chacin
70. Kerry Wood - Another DL victim.....would be surprised if he provided 15 quality starts in 2006....don't gamble.
71. Jon Papelbon
72. Jae Weong Seo (A favorite of Dr. Pick 'Em)
73. Justin Verlander - Made rotation as #5 starter...let the good times roll.
74. Jeff Suppan
75. Ryan Madson
76. Jarrod Washburn
77. Odalis Perez
78. Tom Glavine
79. Bruce Chen
80. Paul Maholm

Not too many major moves from the initial rankings, however I do believe there is a major drop off after the top 25 so be sure to grab a couple of starters in your first 6-8 rounds or you might find yourself playing waiver wire roulette all year long.

As far as relievers go, there aren't too many things to mention as the top 5 remain intact (Lidge, Rivera, K-Rod, Nathan and Wagner), however here are a few things to note:

1. Gagne is still said to be having some elbow issues and a loss of velocity but he has averaged over a K per inning so far and only given up 3 runs. Bump him up a couple of notches but be sure to either draft Danny Baez as insurance or keep close tabs over him during the season.

2. Bobby Jenks has flat out sucked this spring and it sounds like Ozzie G. may be forced to go by committee early on....grab N. Cotts if you get Jenks.

3. Chad Orvella is also having problems with control thus far and definitely does not have a strangle hold on the Tampa Bay job....expect another committee there to start the year.

4. Mike MacDougal is banged up and will begin the year on the DL....draft Burgos instead but don;t expect too much out of the KC closer, no matter who it is.

That is all I have for pitchers right now, but stay tuned for further updates.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Deeper Sleepers

Anyone can see that Ryan Howard and Jorge Cantu are solid players. Dr. C. Bass' previous post was just to let you know that those two are going to go from "pretty darn good" to "elite" status this year.

However, the key to most successful drafts is finding those diamonds in the rough...those late round gems. Dr. C. Bass is here with some deeper sleepers...guys who probably won't be among the top 10 at their position...players you'll need to keep an eye out for in the mid-to-late rounds.

SP Josh Towers, TOR - Quietly posted a very nice season. His BB/K ratio was borderline outstanding, and he'll post even better numbers with B.J. Ryan anchoring an improved Toronto bullpen.

SP Shawn Chacon, NYY - Don't be fooled by the numbers earlier in his career...God himself would struggle on the hill at Coors Field. Chacon is better than people realize, and in his second season as a starter, he'll actually pitch deep enough into games to win close to 15 games if things go right for him thanks to the best bullpen in the AL East.

SP Nate Robertson, DET - Under the radar hurler who throws in a pitcher's park, he'll sneak in plenty of strikeouts. Pitched very well in stretches last season. If he gains more consistency, he'll be that ace in the hole that nobody knows about.

SP Ryan Madson, PHI - Posted some incredible numbers as a setup man, and Phillies fans are anxious to see what he can do as a starter. Has some nice upside.

SP Casey Fossum, TB - Hey, why not take a late flyer. At least he'll strike people out, and if he can start locating his pitches with more regularity, look out.

RP Joey Devine, ATL - This kid is throwing fire. Go get him now.

RP Chris Ray, BAL - Could be this year's Chad Cordero, and looks to be a primary beneficiary of Leo Mazzone's new digs. Is showing good control while striking out a batter an inning.

C Josh Willingham, FLA - Batting .448 this spring and has 4 HR in just 29 AB this spring. I think his job is safe. Expect him to finish as a Top 10 fantasy catcher this year.

1B Justin Morneau, MIN - Remember him? Last year's can't-miss prospect has been shoved down into the late teens of most mixed league 1B rankings. A red-hot spring should open your eyes and prompt you to be wary of a big year later than expected. Keeper leaguers should be all over this kid in the late rounds if he's still hanging around.

2B Mark Loretta, BOS - Known for consistency and his above-average average. The move to Fenway will only help to boost his already respectable numbers. Expect a return to double-digit homers; he'll score plenty and even drive in some runs as part of that Red Sox lineup.

3B Edwin Encarnacion, CIN - Using the lumber to rip the seams off the ball this spring. Should fare well at the Great American Ballpark.

SS Clint Barmes, COL - How quickly we forget the display he put on before the injury.

OF Aaron Rowand, PHI - Boasts power and speed in an offensive environment conducive to both.

OF Brian Anderson, CWS - As good as Rowand is, this kid made him expendable.

OF Curtis Granderson, DET - Another good power/speed combo. At a minimum, he'll give you Torii Hunter stats at a fraction of the cost.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tarnished Star...

Now that Terrible Owens has found a new home with the Cowgirls, he can be Mr. nice guy for one season as he steals a cool $10 million from Jerry Jones and company....only to laugh in their faces in 2007 after they fail to win the superbowl and he starts ripping Bledsoe for being too old and slow and the offensive line for not being able to block long enough for him to get open downfield. Management won't be the only ones to be cheated however, as the pathetic Dallas fans will run out and waste a bunch of money buying Owens jerseys and tell themselves that he isn't all that bad only to find out the hardway that Terrell only has one care in the world....himself. The guy is a babbling moron who doesn't know how to be part of a team and feel compassion for the sport which he claims to love so much. All Owens represents is a supremely gifted athlete who has the mentality of a 14 year old. I can't wait until he comes to Philly....I wonder how many double As will find their way onto the field that day.....should be interesting to say the least. Jerry just sold your soul and paid $10 million for a mental case....enjoy.

Fantasy Fallout: Owens will remain one of the best wideouts in the NFL, so long as he stays on the field and has a decent QB throwing to him, however his overall value takes a small hit due to the possibility of a TO-Tuna explosion. That being said, he is definitely worth drafting in the top 20 overall once the stud running backs have all been selected and it can be argued that he should be the #1 overall WR drafted, although I still give Steve Smith the nod, especially since he now has Meshawn taking away some of the extra coverage he faced in 2005.