Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dr. Money Shot Talks Roids and Fantasy Baseball

The start of the fantasy baseball season is fast approaching and I know what your thinking, when is the money man going to give me his top 10 at each position. The long awaited list is here.

But first lets talk STEROIDS. I don't really care if a player knowingly or unknowingly used steroids. If you took them, then you have cheated the game. According to Jose Canseco close to 85% of major leaguers use steroids. I'm certainly not for wiping the record books clean of any steroid users, but when it comes to monumental records like the home run record something needs to be done. In comes the "Bonds Rule", it's simple, if it has ever been proven that you have taken steroids, then you will be given an asterisk next to your name in all the record books. Of course this would require random testing of every player at least 3-4 times a year. Before I get to my rankings I'd like to make light of this topic and announce my "All ROID Team". This team doesn't stand for girly men, they will pump you up. Hanz and Franz would be proud of this bunch of needle pokers.

Starting for TEAM ROID is (I'll admit I am speculating on some of these)

1B - Mark Maguire (this guy should have ROID tattooed on his forehead)
2B - Brett Boone (hit 19 HR in 2000 and jumped to 37 HR in 2001)
SS - Rich Aurilla (I think he and Barry must have been sharing a needle because his bombs climbed from 20 HR in 2000 to 37 HR in 2001)

3B - Ken Caminiti (he admitted it, plus injuries got the best of him)
C -
Todd Hundley (had never hit more than 16 HR before hitting 41 HR in 1996)
LF - Jose Canseco (flaunted it in his book and openly talks about it)
CF - Brady Anderson (are you kidding me with this guy; never hit more than 21 HR before hitting 50 HR in 1996)
RF - Barry Bonds (Barry turned those warning track shots into ding dongs; 49 HR in 2000 and 73 HR in 2001)
DH - Jason Giambi (surprisingly this guy's HR totals have been pretty consistent over the years, but his ridiculous weight loss after the 2004 season suggest that he may have been juicing)
SP - Roger Clemens - (this guy seams to fly under the radar, but he has gotten noticeably bigger over the years)
RP - John Rocker (I believe a side effect of steroids is anger issues, don't they call that Roid Rage?)

And now my top 10 FANTASY BASEBALL rankings by position:

1. Albert Pujols, StL
2. Derrek Lee, ChC
3. Mark Teixeira, Tex
4. David Ortiz, Bos
5. Todd Helton, Col
6. Travis Hafner, Cle
7. Carlos Delgado, NYM
8. Lance Berkman, Hou
9. Richie Sexson, Sea
10. Ryan Howard, Phi

1. Alfonso Soriano, Was
2. Chase Utley, Phi
3. Jeff Kent, LA
4. Chone Figgins, Ana
5. Marcus Giles, Atl
6. Brian Roberts, Bal
7. Jorge Cantu, TB
8. Rickie Weeks, Mil
9. Tadahito Iguchi, ChW
10. Mark Ellis, Oak

1. Miguel Tejada, Bal
2. Michael Young, Tex
3. Jimmy Rollins, Phi
4. Derek Jeter, NYY
5. Rafael Furcal, LA
6. Jose Reyes, NYM
7. Edgar Renteria, Atl
8. Felipe Lopez, Cin
9. Jhonny Peralta, Cle
10. Nomar Garciaparra, LA

1. Alex Rodriguez, NYY
2. David Wright, NYM
3. Miguel Cabrera, Fla
4. Aramis Ramirez, ChC
5. Chipper Jones, Atl
6. Eric Chavez, Oak
7. Morgan Ensberg, Hou
8. Scott Rolen, StL
9. Adrian Beltre, Sea
10. Hank Blalock, Tex

1. Victor Martinez, Cle
2. Ramon Hernandez, Bal
3. Ivan Rodriguez, Det
4. Javy Lopez, Bal
5. Joe Mauer, Min
6. Jorge Posada, NYY
7. Jason Varitek, Bos
8. Michael Barrett, ChC
9. Ben Molina, Tor
10. Jason Kendall, Oak

1. Vladimir Guerrero, Ana
2. Manny Ramirez, Bos
3. Bob Abreu, Phi
4. Carlos Beltran, NYM
5. Jason Bay, Pit
6. Ichiro Suzuki, Sea
7. Carl Crawford, TB
8. Andruw Jones, Atl
9. Gary Sheffield, NYY
10. Barry Bonds, SF

1. Johan Santana, Min
2. Chris Carpenter, StL
3. Pedro Martinez, NYM
4. Jake Peavy, SD
5. Carlos Zambrano, ChC
6. Roy Oswalt, Hou
7. Randy Johnson, NYY
8. Ben Sheets, Mil
9. Roy Halladay, Tor
10. Jason Schmidt, SF

1. Brad Lidge, Hou

2. Billy Wagner, NYM
3. Francisco Rodriguez, Ana
4. Mariano Rivera, NYY
5. Joe Nathan, Min
6. B.J. Ryan, Tor
7. Chad Cordero, Was
8. Huston Street, Oak
9. Trevor Hoffman, SD
10. Eric Gagne, LA

Good luck with those fantasy drafts.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Long Overdue...

Nice Shirt! Better late than never, here are a few of the pics from the FSD's Superbowl Saturday Pub Crawl that took place on February 4th. It was a smashing success and more than 10 bars were toured from the afternoon through early Superbowl Sunday morning. Too bad the game sucked, but at least the crawl was a hit! Be sure to join us in 2007.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cancer Free!!!....

The Eagles finally got rid of the cancer that cost them their 2005 season and left them with several emotional problems within the locker room. Problem solved. Due a roster bonus of $5 million tomorrow, the Birds sent the cancer man packing and now we shall wait and see which team is the next to spin the big roulette wheel that is T.O. While the move was a formality at best, this does free up a roster spot for the Eagles, as well as over $4 million in cap space. Hopefully they will use that to add another solid WR but don't be surprised if they go with what they already have. As for T.O..... who cares. As long as that schmuck is gone I'm happy. I know he is a big time player and one of the best at his position, but his attitude is the worst in the NFL by far. I hope he goes to the Cowgirls so he has to line up across from Trotter and Dawkins twice a year....would love to see Dawk lay the smack down on a Terrell even if he does wind up with 100 and a long as he gets laid out and the Eagles win the game it would be worth it. Good Riddance.

Players that X is going to steer clear from on draft day...

One of the main reasons that there is such debate over who should be drafted at what price is the uncertainty of how players are going to perform each year. This is true for the young guys as well as the hardened vets who have put up good stats for several seasons but could find themselves in a situation that brings them down unexpectedly. There are a number of warning signs to look for when determining the risk factor of each player which include age, position, injury history, team they play for, etc., but there is also the element of gut feeling that a fantasy manager has to use in order to avoid taking on too much risk for your team to succeed. Almost every league winner will have at least a couple of guys who were tabbed as risky at the beginning of the season, but I'm going to make a list of players that I am deeming unworthy of taking a chance on at the average market price they will be drafted at in 2006. Keep in mind that I'm not saying that all of these guys should be avoided completely...I'm just going to pass on them unless they fall to me at a point where it would be ridiculous not to take them.

Barry Bonds - This guy is a walking media circus....He and T.O. should start hanging out with each other since they both think they're the shiznit. All crap aside, Bonds is a needle slip away from being shelved for several games at a time, which really kills his value in head to head leagues, and will not help his value in roto leagues if he is drafted with expectations of 45 HRs. Not sure where he has been going on average in drafts thus far, but ESPN had him rated as the 33rd best overall player and 13th best OF in their initial pre-season rankings....not very smart for a guy who is anything but guaranteed to do anything significant with his suspect knee. I'm staying away until the middle rounds at the earliest and even later in H2H leagues.

Mariano Rivera - Not saying he is going to have a bad year, although the wheels must come off at some point. I am listing him here because some clown out there will draft him in the 2nd or 3rd round, well ahead of guys like Huston Street and Joe Nathan, who will probably have numbers very similar to Rivera. Also, I think it would be very hard for him to beat out his 2005 numbers and he isn't a 100 K guy like a Lidge, Ryan or a healthy Gagne. Don't be foolish.

Dontrell Willis - I have nothing against Willis and would like to see him succeed once again in 2006, however the cards are stacked against him and he will be very hard pressed to match his ratio numbers from 2005. His win total should also suffer with the supporting cast he has in Florida now which resembles a slightly better version of the Bad News Bears. Willis will be lucky to win 14 or 15 games without Pierre, Castillo and Delgado in the lineup which is probably not enough for someone you want to spend big bucks on to lead your fantasy rotation. Also, have you seen his efforts in the WBC??? I know it's early, but yikes.

Andy Pettitte - Another pitcher coming off a career year in terms of ratio numbers that will most likely cost owners way too much on draft day. You have to keep in mind that Houston's lineup isn't filled with powerhouse hitters like it used to be, and if Clemens doesn't return (which looks likely at this point), it leaves only Oswalt ahead of him in the rotation which means he'll be facing tougher pitching matchups in 2006. I am not saying don't draft Andy, but please don't go nuts and draft him in the first few rounds.

Old catchers (I-Rod, J. Lopez, Posada) - These guys will be drafted too early based on their name recognition and the fact that catcher is so thin in fantasy. Sure these guys have put up some pretty good stats over the years, but there comes a time when historic stats are just that...history. I'll be taking my good old time to draft a catcher and won't bite at the opportunity to take one of the big names unless they make it into the double digit rounds which is unlikely.

Nomar Garciaparra - No more, no more. This guy has personally killed a couple of my fantasy squads the past couple of seasons with his injuries. I will not make the same mistake a 3rd time unless I find myself needing a middle infielder in rounds 13-15, at which time someone else will have most likely grabbed Nomar already. This means he'll probably have a good year since I am avoiding him, but something tells me the move to LA won't help much.

These are just a few of the guys I won't be wasting my time with, but there are sure to be others which I just haven't thought of yet. Everybody has their own opinion and that is what makes this stuff fun. Enjoy your draft and make sure to talk plenty of junk.