Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wing Bowl 14 Recap!

The "Virgin" Wing Bowl as it was so eloquently named celebrated its 14th year of the event. And what an event it was! In case you have never heard of the Wing Bowl, a quick background. The event was founded by the radio station 610 WIP, who also broadcasts the event live. The competition is pretty simple; a bunch of guys (and gals) getting together to compete in a wing eating contest with a little nudity, beer drinking, beer head smashing, the occasional vomiting, the wing eater's entourage, and most importantly, the wingettes!

The event started with only 2 eaters in 1993 in the lobby of the Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel in Center City, Philadelphia. About 150 people showed up to witness the event. Since then, the event has become more popular every year and Wing Bowl 14 featured 27 eaters with approximately 20, 000 screaming fans who sold out the Wachovia Center. The idea behind the event is that since the Philadelphia Eagles rarely make the Superbowl, this event would be our Superbowl of sorts. As the event is held the Friday before the big game. The "Virgin" Wing Bowl was unique to previous years because it only allowed new contestants who had never competed in an previous wing bowls. The build up to the event is pure gluttony with each contestant having to qualify for the event with an approved eating stunt.

So Wing Bowl 14 was under way with all 27 contestants eating like the wings were flying away. Calm Down Joe!! Many with eyes bigger than their stomachs. Wing sauce was a flyin', bones a cracklin', and bellies a burpin'! When it was all said and done, Joey Chestnut ran away with the event setting a Wing Bowl record eating 173 wings in 30 minutes. I know what your thinking, what a slob, but the 22 year old Chestnut couldn't weigh more than 175 pounds dipped in wing sauce!

There you have it, another one for the books, I know I'll be back next year!!

A couple of links for your viewing pleasure!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hot topic of the week....

Check out this photo of the referee from the Superbowl.....I thought something looked strange about him. I would have put big money on the game if I knew this guy was working the game.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How "Gay" are you?......

Take the test to find out here.......X scored a 16% gay in case you are wondering.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Should the Refs apologize to the city of Seattle and to all fans of the NFL?....

This guy, along with many more Seattle fans and fans of the NFL in general were not too happy with the way Superbowl XL was called. What do you think?

Spout off here....

The Next Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush: The next Gayle Sayers? Barry Sanders? Marcus Payton? Who cares? Move over Reggie, introducing the next Reggie Bush: Noel Devine. Devine is one of those rare players who has the ability to make something out of nothing every time he touches the ball. He has the same blazing speed and out of this world cut back moves that won Reggie Bush the Heisman Trophy and probably this year's number 1 pick. Still only a junior in highschool, this kid has had all of the big time schools recruiting him since he was a freshman. Deion Sanders thinks he's so talented that he adopted him. Sounds crazy but here's the link.

As for his highlight reel, it's ridiculous.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl XL MVP.....The Officiating Crew?......

Talk about one of the worst performances by an officiating crew. The job done by the XL crew was complete bullshit/garbage/awful/piss poor/ridiculous/give it a name. First the magical offensive pass interference call in the first quarter that led to the Seahawks settling for a field goal instead of a TD, then the blown call on the Big Ben rushing score which gave the Steelers a TD instead of a FG....and that was just in the first half. The refs then went on to call Seattle's right tackle for "holding" on a big pass completion that would have put the ball on the Steeler's 2 yard line and probably an Alexander TD but instead moved Seattle back 10 yards and eventually led to an interception two plays later. A look at the replay shows no evidence of a hold. During the return of this interception, Hasselback was called for a personal foul for supposedly blocking a Steeler too low even though he was tackling the guy who intercepted it, not blocking. The call gave the Steelers an extra 15 yards and put them around midfield which set them up for the Randel El to Ward TD which more or less broke the Seahawks back. Add up these 4 pathetic calls and it is probably safe to say the refs blew it.
Not to take anything away from the Steelers because they did have the Parker TD and their defense played a pretty good game, but if even 3 of these calls hadn't been made, the score probably would have been a lot closer and maybe even led to a Seahawk victory. This is not to say the Seahawks played better than the Steelers, but it did sure seem like they had everything stacked against them when you take note of these calls and the fact that it seemed like a Steeler's home game with over 80% of the seats filled with Pittsburgh fans. Big Ben had a pretty poor performance and the Steeler offense did not play particularly well at all if you take away their 2 big TD plays. Seattle also had issues of their own on offense as Stevens dropped about 14 passes and Darrell Jackson disappeared after the first quarter.
Overall, I was pretty disappointed with Superbowl XL as neither team played a great game, no one player had a great game and the officiating was done right disgusting. At least there were 2 or 3 funny commercials and plenty of 7 layer dip to go around. Let's hope next year's game is worth the 2 week hype and bring on the offseason.

Survey Results....

The big game kicks off at 6:18 Eastern Standard Time tonight and we have your poll results for you right here. Before I get to that however, I'd like to take a quick moment to give my 2 cents on the game. While everyone and their mother seems to be taking Pittsburgh in this one, I am amazed at what little respect the Seahawks have gotten from the general football fan base. Sure the Hawks play in the NFC and had possibly the worst division of all time with the Cardinals, 49ers and Rams in it, but they were 13-2 in games that meant something to them this year. Not to mention their offense is really on the same level as the Colts and their defense has proven to be solid as well. I'd say the Seahawks have the advantage on the offensive side of the ball for sure and that their defense has enough talent to slow down Big Ben and the running game enough to make this game close and even win it. All the experts can go on and on about the different angles of the game for days on end but in the end, the game has to be played and we all know that anything can happen on any given Sunday. A couple of turnovers here and there, and an injury to a key player and the next thing you know all expert analysis goes out the window. I for one am slightly routing for the Seahawks just because they have not been to a Superbowl before and because there are already too many Steeler's fans out there, but I could really care less as long as it is a good game. That being said, I'm not going out on a limb with my prediction and think the Steelers win a close one 30-24 with their defense intercepting Hasselback to seal the deal late in the game.

Now the result of our Superbowl poll (shocking I must say):

50% for Seattle - 50% for Pittsburgh. I guess our fans feel the same way I do....could go either way.

As for the poll on Polamalu's nickname:

It was a close call between Palmolive and Captain Caveman, but the second won out by about 15% of the votes. Two write in votes to note were the Tazmanian Devil and Donkey. Diana Ross also received some love at 18% of the votes and Long-Haired freak got zippy with a big fat Zero%. Who will be MVP...maybe Captain Caveman will.

Stay tuned for more fun polls and keep on keepin on. Enjoy the game and Go Hawks!

Future NFL Star?....

Maybe the Redskins can get this guy to replace Sean Taylor when he goes to jail.

What will they think of next....

Check out the new razor from Gillette whihc will be unleashed to the general public during the Superbowl. Talk about genius.....all they need to do is keep adding blades to get people to go out and buy new razors.