Friday, February 03, 2006

T.O......Jackass Extraordinaire........

Donovan McNabb's interview with ESPN on Wednesday should have everyone in the country convinced that TO is nothing more than a great wide receiver with a poor attitude and extreme social problems. If the league didn't need him to create media frenzy, they should ban him from it and make him suffer until he realizes it is a team sport. You don't see many accountants or doctors going on TV to call out co-workers or their companies, and they are the ones who probably should in a lot of cases. TO should shove his multi-million dollar salary and over-sized headphones up his ass and take a couple of years off to figure out his true identity. The guy is a complete fraud of a person and has no respect for anyone, including himself.

As for Hugh Douglass, The Eagles "Team Am-Bad ass-ador", he can eat a sh*t sandwich too for all I'm concerned. That clown probably just got himself fired by saying the franchise QB is not a leader. If a leader is just some tough guy who gets in your face and yells when things go wrong then are you saying TO is a good leader? The guy you went toe to toe with in the locker room? What a joke Hugh is....the one guy who I thought would have Donovan's back is a trader too. Get the hell out of Philly Hugh - go join TO in Denver or Kansas City....maybe you guys can wrestle over who is the bigger "Bad ass" and hang out with your boy Jake the Snake. Worthless.


The Sea Gals?...You've got to be kidding me....

Check out this photo of the "Sea Gals" - the Seattle Seahawk cheerleading squad. Looks like some of them are stuck in the 80s. Maybe they don't deserve to be in the Superbowl afterall - they can't really have these chicks on TV representing their team in front of the whole world can they? Horrible.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

GM for the day: Washington Redskins

I'll keep this alot shorter since the Redskins don't need as much help as the Eagles or Texans. You notice an entire novel had to be written to get the Eagles back to normal.

The Redskins right now have a short window of opportunity to reach the Superbowl. It is probably 2-3 years max before they will have to evaluate Jason Campbell and see if he is ready to take over as QB full time. (But that is an issue down the road) What the Skins have now is a defense that has all the pieces together with great coaching and an inconsistent offense. (Which just improved with the signing of Al Saunders, the Redskins might have more coaches than any team in pro sports, but they are all proven winners) Defense wins Championships and with a little improvement in the offense this team can surge. The Skins don't have a first round pick, so they will have to find some steals in the late rounds.

So here are their primary needs this offseason:

1.The Skins number one goal is to get a second receiver to complment Santana Moss.
James Thrash, David Patten and Taylor Jacobs are not getting the job done. There are receivers available in Free agency such as Reggie Wayne(Colts) and K.Robinson(Vikings), If the Redskins are not able to land a valuable receiver such as Wayne or Robinson, they will have to draft one, a tall physical receiver would cause the most trouble for defenses to contain the passing game.

2. Offensive line depth. The Redskins lost Ray brown to retirement and with Randy Thomas' injury late this season, it exposed the lack of depth in the Line and the Redskins will need to address that with late round Offensive Line picks. Joe Bugel will be able to coach up future Lineman to fill in when neeeded. Instead of a backup center filling in for right guard.(Corey Raymar)

So that about sums it up, add a second receiver along side Santana Moss and improve the Offense Line and the Skins defense will take care of the rest. Because nobody gives Wide receivers more alligator arms than Safety Sean(Not Guilty) Taylor.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dr. X gives his best shot as GM of the Texans...

If you want a hard job in the NFL, this would be it. Taking over as the man in charge of making the right moves to turn this lowly franchise around may be the worst of the worst jobs out there for an NFL executive. Sure Houston has the #1 overall pick in the draft this year, but they need so much help that it won't be the cure all for the sickness which is the Texans. That's where Dr. X comes in.....

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a whole heck of a lot about this sorry excuse for an NFL team, but I do know one thing...if they draft Reggie Bush at #1 as is expected, they will not become that much better as a football team. Here are the top 5 needs of this team to win more than 5 games in 2006 as I see it:

1. A better offensive line. When your QB is getting sacked 1,000 times a year and has an average of 1.1 seconds to get rid of the ball when he drops back, you aren't going to score many points which means you most likely will lose a lot of games. David Carr has been a tackling dummy behind the Texans horrendous line and if he doesn't get help up front soon, he may suffer a very serious injury, not to mention yet another dismal losing season.

2. A solid pass catching TE. I believe the Texans had a guy by the name of Billy Miller a couple of years back who was actually a pretty decent receiving TE (and a solid backup fantasy TE at times) - not sure what happened to him, but the cast of characters they currently have on their roster just ain't gettin' it done.

3. Help along the defensive line. I don't know about you, but I have no clue who the hell some of the clowns this team has anchoring their line are, but let's just say you haven't heard of them for a reason....they suck.

4. A playmaking defensive back. The Texans managed a remarkable 7 interceptions in 16 games in 2005. Are you F'ing kidding me? There are individual players who do better than that in one year. Needless to say some of this can be attributed to a lack of pressure on opposing QBs, but they are in need of that player in the secondary who can come up with a big turnover every now and then.

5. A clue. Just kidding, but that pretty much sums this team up. They are also in need of a LB who has a nose for the ball, can put a fire into this defensive team and get things going. They have a few decent guys in their LB core, but not one true leader who can step up and take control of the game like a Brian Urlacher or Ray Lewis. Not to say they need to go out and get somebody of that caliber, but they should do something here if they can manage it after all the other moves.

As you can see from my list of needs above, I did not talk about a running back or quarterback at all. That is not to say that Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart or Vince Young are not going to be better NFL players than Domanick Davis or David Carr, but rather that the Texans need the 5 things listed above more than they need an upgrade at RB or QB. This leads into my master plan for turning this franchise into a winner...

1. In order to improve their offensive line, the Texans should consider trading down with the NY Jets to try to get the 4th overall pick and another pick in the first couple of rounds. With the 4th pick, the Texans should grab D'Brickashaw Ferguson (what a mouthful) out of Virginia, who can step in right away and make this line better. This would also make sense for the Jets, who would be able to draft Reggie Bush as a replacement for Curtis Martin who is getting old, and put Bush in the spotlight of the big city where NY fans are most likely to welcome him with open arms. The next step would be to bring in another lineman through free agency. Not sure who all will be available at this point, but one name that has been rumored to be headed to Houston is Denver's Tom Nalen, who can be recruited by Houston's new coach (and former Bronco coordinator), Gary Kubiak. To me, a scenario like this makes the most sense for this franchise as it would give them 2 very good O-lineman and help make their current skill position players better by providing better protection and blocking. If you bring in Bush or Young, the fans may be happy, but then you have position controversy and unnecessary depth at either RB or QB since Carr and Davis seem to be capable of running the show (especially Davis, who has been very good behind this patchwork line when healthy).

2. The Texans should take a hard look at a TE in the draft this year, as there seems to be a few pretty decent guys coming out. A few names that stick out are, Mercedes Lewis from UCLA, Leonard Pope from Georgia and Anthony Fasano from Notre Dame, who all may be available in the 2nd round. If an upper-tier TE is not available they should hold off and wait to see what they can get in later rounds so they can use those early picks on the defensive side of the ball where they need a ton of help.

3. Adding a big name player like John Abraham to their roster would be ideal, but I'm not sure the Texans have enough cap room to go after someone of that caliber. If they do, great - they should enter any bidding war they can. If not, maybe they should target a guy like Darren Howard of the Saints instead and draft a couple of younger guys at DE and DT to come in and give the current players a run for their money (which shouldn't be too hard considering their sack leader along the line had 1.5 sacks in 2005).

4. If the Texans fail to get a decent TE in the 2nd round of this year's draft, they should also consider taking a top notch DB with that pick (especially if they can land two 2nd rounders via trading their #1 overall pick). Some names that come to mind are Darnell Bing from USC, LaRon Landry from LSU and Tye Hill from Clemson. I doubt the Texans can afford to go through free agency to upgrade here, so they should use the draft to get a couple of young playmakers and mold them into future starters.

5. LB is the least of their worries on this list as the Texans actually have a couple of decent guys including Kailee Wong (who only played in 5 games last year) and should be back in '06, but if they took a shot on a guy like Julian Peterson in free agency (assuming they have the cap room and that they don't land someone better for one of the 4 needs above), they could greatly improve their chances of making big plays on defense and getting more pressure on the QB. If nothing else they should add a body or two in the draft and hope that they find a hidden gem to better the core of the defense.

All in all, the Texans need a lot of work and if they go and draft Bush or Young, as many are speculating, it will not do much to help them win in 2006. If they decide to go with D'Brickashaw Ferguson and are able to get an extra pick in the deal, they would be best suited to use the extra pick on one of their first 3 needs and don't worry about RB, QB or WR early on. Even if they have a great offseason, this team is so bad that it will probably be a couple of years before they make a run at the playoffs but taking my approach over the Reggie Bush approach will get them there sooner. My condolences to all Texans fans out there.


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nickname Needed....

Give this fool a name...

Check back in a few days for the results and the doctors will then refer to Polamalu by his new name going forward.

Superbowl Survey...

Make your pick here.....

Results to be posted Sunday afternoon prior to kickoff. Wonder how close it will be?

A quick peek at the most important position in fantasy football...

If anyone tries to tell you that there is a more important position in fantasy football than running back, they most likely aren't winning many titles. Given the fact that there are only about 15-20 worth starting on a regular basis and that most leagues require that you start at least 2 each week, you'd have a hard time arguing that a wide receiver or quarterback is worth more to your team. Let's take a look at who the top 10 RBs for the 2006 season would be if your draft was held today (rankings assume that 1 point is earned for each reception):

1. Larry Johnson - LJ replaced Priest Holmes as the starting RB for the Chiefs during the 2005 season after Holmes suffered a season ending head/neck injury....looks like he may have replaced him for good as the starter in KC and as the king of fantasy RBs...a title that Priest himself held for a couple of years not too long ago. This guy may be a JA off the field, but he is $$ on it - should be ridiculous in 2006.

2. LaDainian Tomlinson - LT came into 2005 as the #1 RB and ended as the #2 guy after fading down the stretch. It can be argued that Alexander is a more valuable fantasy back given his TD totals and consistent production, but I'm going to go ahead and say that LT bounces back in 2006 with more catches and 2,000+ total yards, which probably puts him ahead of Alexander in total points even if he scores a bit less.

3. Shaun Alexander - If Alexander the Great was a member of your fantasy squad in 2005, you more than likely made the playoffs in your league and probably even finished 1st or 2nd. The guy was a scoring machine who consistently provided good yardage totals and only had one or two off weeks. He arguably is the 2nd best RB behind LJ due to his consistent scoring, which is key in head to head formats, but let's remember that this was a contract year for Shaun and that know one knows for sure if he'll be back with the 'Hawks in 2006.

4. Lamont Jordan - Some may question why Jordan is listed ahead the likes of James and Barber, but if you take a look at how many receptions this guy had (70 in 14 games played) and the fact that he only got 20+ carries 6 times all year, you start to wonder what he could do if he was given a few more carries and had the luxury of playing with a healthy Randy Moss all season long. I like the upside in Lamont better than Tiki and the Edge since Jordan has less wear and tear and has proven that he is a stud as a receiver out of the backfield.

5. Tiki Barber - Debated on whether to put Tiki or Edge at #5, but Barber got the nod based on his 2005 totals and the uncertainty surrounding the future of James who could wind up on a stinker next year if not brought back by the Colts. I am concerned about the over use of Barber and the fact that he has crossed that 30 year old mark, but you can't argue with 2,000+ total yards and the fact that he was the centerpiece of a solid offense. Just don't hurt yourself in expecting the same output in 2006.

6. Edgerrin James - While James had over 1,800 total yards and 14 TDs in 2005, his future with the Colts is very questionable and who knows where he might find himself running in 2006. That being said, I can't move him up any higher than #6 and he may slide a bit depending on what happens in the offseason.

7. Steven Jackson - If there is one RB on this list whose full potential hasn't been tapped yet, this is the guy. Stuck in a pass first offense with 2 of the best WRs in the league at the coach's disposal, Jackson found himself the odd man out in many of the Ram's games this year. If you thought Lamont Jordan was given a low number of 20+ carry games at 6, try 3. That's right, Action Jackson only got 20+ carries 3 times in 15 games in 2005 and that is just wrong. The new coach in St. Louis better take a long look at some tape of this guy running the ball and work him into the offense a lot more if they want to win games. Jackson is a flat out beast when he gets it going and he can catch a few balls to boot. Let's just hope the new head honcho in St. Louis sees it the same way and he will explode in 2006.

8. Carnell Williams- You have to love a RB whose nick name is Cadillac. Besides the fact that this guy is a superior talent whose stock should continue to rise over the next couple of years, fantasy owners will love using his name to talk trash to other league members which just makes playing that much more enjoyable. A look back at what he did in his rookie year in the NFL reminds me a lot of what Tomlinson did as a rookie in 2001 but not quite as impressive...expect bigger numbers ahead for Caddy. Williams proved he can run the ball hard but failed to impress much as a receiver out of the backfield, totaling 20 catches for only 81 yards in 14 games played. He did however gain close to 1,200 yards rushing in those games and I see him improving upon those numbers, as well as his 6 TDs, in 2006.

9. Clinton Portis - Portis came out of the gates fairly slow in 2005 and failed to score a TD in his first 5 games before exploding with 3 in game 6 and finishing with 11 in his final 11 games. He isn't much of a receiver in the Redskins offensive scheme, as he averaged roughly 2 catches per game, but he did finish with over 1,500 rushing yards with 9 games of 100+ yards (and 5 in a row during weeks 13-17, which you have to love for the fantasy playoffs) and he played in every single game which is a plus for any RB in the NFL. If only his receiving numbers got better....maybe with the new offensive coordinator from the Chiefs, who used Holmes and Johnson out of the backfield plenty during his time in KC. We shall see.

10. Ricky Williams - Going out on a limb here, but there are rumors flying around that Ricky might find himself in Jacksonville in 2006 to replace Fragile Fred as the featured back. I'm going to go with that assumption and that the Jags include a 3 foot bong as part of his deal to bring him back to his old form of 1,800 yards and 15+ TDs. This would also increase Ronnie Brown's value as he would become Miami's true #1 RB, but I'm going with Ricky here as he is the more proven commodity and had 3 pretty solid games down the stretch in 2005, scoring in each of his final 3 games. Watch out for the Midnight Toker in 2006 and don't let him slip away on draft day if he is the #1 guy somewhere.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Steelers Blamed for 3 acts of Animal Cruelty; A 4th upcoming?

A wave of animal cruelty has the World Wildlife Federation up in arms. On the first day of this new year a Lion was found viciously mauled. A week later, a bengaled tiger was discovered horribly beaten. While the lion only had fresh wounds, the tiger appears to have been suffering regular beatings for years.

Just seven days after that a horse, a colt, was found battered. People at the scene said it kept muttering something about not getting enough protection. Last week, Denver authorities found another horse, a bronco wandering the streets. The horse was not physically injured, but quite dazed and confused. When asked about the incident, the hapless horse said "I was at home and everything was fine. I was about to feed my pet snake and he started choking and screaming about some sort of terrible towel following it around."

Rumor is that the next victim will be some sort of bird. A seahawk. All of the victims report trying to peek behind a giant steel curtain shortly before their incidents.

I give this warning to all animals out there. Peek behind a steel curtain and get hit by THE BUS.


Big Ben a Drunk?....

Take a look at these wild party photos of the Steelers QB after his big victory over the Colts a few weeks ago......I guess his off-field antics don't hurt his playing ability as he was able to take down the Broncos the following weekend without much of a problem. Wonder if he got lucky? He surely got wasted.

Maybe Ray Rhodes should send a team of young hot women and a bottle of bourbon over to Ben's hotel room the night before the big game to help slow down the 2nd year signal caller.

By the way, you have to love the shirt he is sporting at this party. Ben feel free to join our crawl this Saturday bro!