Thursday, January 12, 2006

Steelers Beat Colts in Tecmo Bowl Preview

Not my prediction but these guys have done a Tecmo Bowl Preview of this game.
Final score:
Steelers 49
Colts 16

Bettis runs for 201 yards on 12 carries.

Here is the link.

Mayor Bets a Chili Dog on Playoff Game

Last week when the Redskins played the Buccaneers, Mayor Anthony Williams of Washington bet Tampa's Mayor a chili dog that his team would win. Tampa Bay's Mayor wagered a cuban sandwich. Washington won the game and Mayor Williams will be receiving a shipment of cuban sandwiches very soon.
Here are this week's Mayor Playoff Bets:
Washington bets chili dogs / Seattle bets salmon
Charlotte N. Carolina bets Carolina BBQ / Chicago bets Chicago Dogs
No news on what the AFC teams are betting.

NFL Playoff Picks

Free Money

This weekend we are blessed by the oddsmakers' decision to give away free money.

Normally those that offer betting advice put some sort of disclaimer that their picks are for entertainment purposes only and are not to be used for the basis of any actual wagers. They put this disclaimer because they are phonies and have no confidence in themselves. So please use the following picks for actual large cash wagers.

Denver/NE -- Under 43.5
Washington/Seattle -- Over 41.5

Chicago (-3)
Indianapolis (-9)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Is Vince Young being set up for failure?

A few years back Michael Vick was receiving the same treatment as Vince Young is now. An incredible talent who will change football forever. So far Vick's only real impact has been for Madden video games.

The sports media builts up expectations so high that no player can even come close to fulfilling them. A story that Vince Young has potential and maybe a good quarterback in a few years after he fine tunes his throwing motion is not a juicy story. The sports media has turned on Michael Vick and will soon turn on Vince Young.

A year from now they will be saying that the linebackers in the NFL are too fast for Young to run by like he did against USC. And that his quirky throwing style is the reason his passing efficency is so low.

Like Steve Young, Elway & Mcnabb, you aren't going to win solely on mobility, until you can complete passes down the field. But you will hear that next year around this time.

The Super Bowl will be decided by jersey and pants color.

The Washington Redskins will beat Seattle with their brawn. Then win at Carolina with their brains. And in the Super Bowl they will win against Indianapolis with their guts and heart. BUT this all depends on their jersey and pants color. They've won 6 in a row since switching to white jerseys on top of white pants.
This is not to say that the Redskins will win the Superbowl. We all know that they are a long shot. Im only pointing out that the Redskins are unbeatable with this color combination. Let's see if their opponents catch on and wear their own white jerseys.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Original Fantasy Sports Doctors are back!!!

There have been many imitators. But we are back. Stay tuned for many new and exciting things to come.