Saturday, January 16, 2010

Updated Predictions

Well last weekend's Wild Card picks were absolutely awful. Thankfully no one is paying me to make them and it's all for fun. Anywho, my AFC picks for the championship game and Superbowl are still in tact although I do like the Jets chances of pulling off the upset in San Diego as long as Sanchez doesn't have a complete meltdown. Wouldn't be surprised at all if they pull off a 3-6 point win if they can slow down the Charger passing game enough to keep them under 20 points. San Diego is clearly the better team and should win but the Jets are playing well and I like Rex Ryan...still sticking with the Chargers since I picked them last week.

Living in Baltimore, it is tough to pick against the Ravens who's defense came to play in a big way last weekend against the Pats, however I stand by my Superbowl pick and think Peyton Manning, the best QB of our time (and after this Superbowl of all time), will lead the Colts to victory this week and to hold the Lombardi for the 2nd time of his career.

In the NFC, my pre-playoff pick of the Packers game up a TD short in Arizona even with an offensive showcase by Rodgers, so I need to pick a new NFC representative. The divisional game between the Saints & Cards is already underway and the Saints are up by a TD in the 2nd quarter (was at the movies earlier today so didn't get to the computer until now)....I think this is going to be the best game of the weekend and looks to be another repeat of the offensive display we saw with the Cards & Packers last Sunday which is what I expected. It will probably come down to whoever has the ball last and I like the Saints with the Dome field advantage (call the pick cheap since they are already winning but it is what it is) make up for it, I will pick them to beat the Vikings next week and travel to Miami to rep the NFC against the Colts in the Superbowl.

We already know I picked the Vikings to beat the Cowgirls so I won't change that now but you have to think it will be very hard for Favre & company to get by that defense which is the hottest unit in the NFL right now and we all know defense is known to win championships (see Steelers from last year and the Giants from the year before)...really hate the Cowgirls though so Go Vikes!

That is all for now, the Saints just scored another big TD on a flea-flicker bomb from Brees to Henderson...maybe this game will get ugly as I just learned Rodgers-Cromartie is out with a knee injury which makes it even that much harder to stop this record-setting Saints offense...amazing.

Here's hoping to all the games being fun to watch and will blog you later.


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Looks like I'm off to a flying start with my playoff predictions...guess that's what a bunch of turnovers do. Tom Brady looked awful earlier today and the Eagles couldn't hang onto the ball last night, now the Packers are handing the game to the Cardinals. 1-3 isn't a very good start and what's even worse is that if Green Bay can't get their shit together here, they ain't going all the way which kills my NFC predictions completely. Terrible.

Let's all just hope the Cowgirls don't make it to Miami.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

NFL Playoff Predictions...

OK, not going to spend 5 hours doing pointless research for a simple opinion on who we'll see playing for the Lombardi a few short weeks from now, but I wanted to update my predictions now that all the seeds are set and all relevant regular season injuries are known (sorry to see you go down Wes W.).

Let's start with the NFC this time...the field is more or less wide open this year as I wouldn't be extremely surprised to see any of the 6 teams playing in the Superbowl. Week 17 made the Cowgirls look damn near perfect but I still like the Pack better. In fact, I like the Saints and Packers more than Dallas at this point. Enough pussy footing around, here are my picks:

Wild Card:

Dallas over Eagles - only way the Birds pull this out is if Romo falls back into his pre-December 2009 ways and McNabb hits a couple of the big TD plays the Eagles have come to be known for. I'm expecting a 10-13 point margin of victory for the Cowgirls.

Packers over Cards - guess this was obvious given my post from last week before the Pack laid the smack down on 'Zona, but I continue to stand by my prediction of Green Bay all the way (until they hit Miami). This one should be closer than week 17 but the banged up Cardinals are in trouble at home this weekend.


Packers over Saints - New Orleans will be rested and rocking when Green Bay comes to town, but expect Rodgers & Co to get their roll on and win a shootout against Brees and the banged up Saints' defense.

Vikings over Cowgirls - I'll admit this might be the toughest call for me as the Cowgirls will be riding high after laying down a 3 game sweep of the Birds and be hotter than Hansel arriving in Minnesota. If this game were in Dallas, I would go with them but being in the dome up north I will give Favre the benefit of the doubt and look for a 3-7 point win to set up yet another Favre versus Pack face off.

Conference Championship:

Packers over Vikings - could there be a bigger media dream than this matchup...Rodgers vs Favre/Favre vs Green Bay...will be sick of the coverage leading up to the game but will be excited to watch it. Another high-scoring affair, but this time the Packers D is the difference in the end, picking off Brett late in the 4th to seal a 4 point victory and everyone in Green Bay can rejoice as this win might be bigger than winning the actual Superbowl.

I know it's a bit of a stretch given the road the Packers will have to travel to get to Miami (Arizona to New Orleans to Minnesota to Miami), but I think the combination of Rodgers and the defense will make it happen. We shall see...

On to the AFC,

Wild Card:

Bengals over Jets - throw out last weekend's game. At first glance, I see the top ranked defense & running attack versus an overrated AFC North champ with an unexciting offense, however I will let all the bandwagoneers jump on the Jet train and pick the wrong team. I expect a low scoring game but when the Jets running game comes up short, look for Sanchez to hand the game over to Palmer and the Bengals. Should be close but I like Cincy in the end.

Patriots over Ravens - another hard game with Welker sidelined for the year. If he was suiting up I think it probably wouldn't be much of a game but he is that valuable to the Pats. This Edleman character will probably have a decent game as the Ravens suspect secondary triple teams Moss and the Pats' running game is nothing to be overly concerned about, however Brady at home in the playoffs against a team who can't seem to win the close games...not looking very good for Bmore. Expect it to be close with Welker out but look for Brady to find a way.


Colts over Bengals - no perfect season for Indy but this game will come close to a perfect win as the Colts should steam roll the hapless Bengal offense. I expect a 2-3 TD win for the rested and slightly rusty Colts. Enough said.

Chargers over Patriots - the 2009 road woes of the Patriots are exploited against the hottest team in the NFL. Close at first but the flaws of New England surface early in the second half and LT seals a 10 point San Diego win with a 4th quarter TD, setting up what may prove to be the next best thing to the Minny-Green Bay Championship game.

Conference Championship:

Colts over Chargers - like I said last week, it's time for Peyton to buck the recent trend against the Chargers. Should be a very good game but Manning might just be the best all-around QB ever in the NFL which will be the difference in this game and in the Superbowl. Sorry Norv Turner, try again next year.


Colts over Packers - a good matchup, close game, but not as exciting as some of the recent Superbowls...Colts win by 7-10 and seal up Peyton's second Lombardi. Thanks for playing Green Bay but you got your Superbowl with a win over Favre...enjoy & congrats to Peyton for building on his already impressive legacy in the NFL.

Can't wait for the games to begin...GO EAGLES!! SHOCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NFL Playoffs...

The NFC teams are set in stone even though only the top seeded Saints know who their opponent will be in the first round (they locked up a bye in case you aren't quick enough to keep up). The Eagles currently hold the #2 spot and control their own destiny with that but could wind up as low as the 6th seed with a loss to Dallas this weekend and a couple other teams winning. No need to go into all those scenarios as I am only giving my opinion at the moment. Since all 6 teams are locked in for the NFC, we'll jump right into the AFC mess which reminds me of the NFC wild-card race from last season...

The Ravens & Jets control their fates heading into week 17 and I have to say I like both to win and sneak in as the Jets face the Bengals who have nothing to play for and the Ravens face the Raiders who are very beatable. I know the Raiders have had a couple of good wins this season but I think Johnny Harbaugh will have his troops fired up for this one and will take care of business rather easily. The Jets will face a Bengal team that doesn't really do much for me. Sure they won their division after dispatching the Steelers & Ravens but that seems like such a long time ago and I just don't see them beating anyone in the playoffs and that includes the Ravens. I'm not saying I think the Ravens are a great team and that they are about to make a playoff run but something about the Bengals team relying on defense and running the ball when they have Carson Palmer and Ochocinco doesn't make much sense to me...they just aren't aggressive enough to hang with the big dogs in January.

I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that the Patriots & Ravens make it out of the wild-card round in the AFC assuming they don't play each other (again not messing with all the scenarios right now) and then both get discarded in the divisional round so that everyone gets to see the matchup everyone should want to see...Chargers versus Indy in the conference championship. I know the Chargers are something like 4-1 in their last 5 meetings with the Cots and that they took them out of the playoffs last year but I think Peyton pulls it out this time and takes his team back to the Superbowl...I know, call me crazy! Honestly though, I really don't see a 5th or 6th seed going far in the AFC this year. The only "darkhorse" I could see making it would be the Patriots if all is clicking on their offense and the defense can do just enough to slow down the Chargers or Colts. I just hope that doesn't happen as I've seen enough of Tom frickin Brady in the Superbowl.

Flipping over to the NFC, this thing seemed like it was a 2 horse race between the Saints and Vikings only a few short weeks ago, with the Cowgirls seemingly on the brink of another December meltdown and the Cardinals needing everything they had in the tank to beat the Lions, but now the Eagles are flying high, Packers look very tough on both sides of the ball, Tony Romo is playing the best he has ever played this late in the year, the Saints don't look perfect and the Vikings are shitting the bed. At this point, I don't know what to expect so I am going to get crazy here and pick a wild card team to represent the NFC...the Green Bay Packers. I know they may have to win every game on the road to get there, but they just seem to have the best mix of defense, QB play and running game of the 6 teams going to the dance. The Saints could very well get their act together during the bye week and come out looking more like the team that made the Patriots look average on MNF earlier in the year but my gut says if I'm the coach of one of the other NFC playoff teams, the Packers are the one team I'd least like to see in a do or die game right now. I know as an Eagles fan, that's the last team I want to see the Eagles playing right now, including the Saints who would be next on that list.

Given the uncertainty of all the seedings in the NFC until after week 17, I will just rank the teams I feel are most likely to face off against the Colts in the Superbowl. This could all change in a week depending on what happens this Sunday but here it goes...

1. Packers

2. Saints

3. Eagles

4. Cowgirls (I really hope that doesn't happen)

5. Vikings

6. Cardinals

If the Pack make it to the Superbowl, I think they shoot themselves in the foot as one of the most penalized teams in the league and Peyton makes them pay for it...Colts 27, Pack 20...let's see if any of this changes after week 17 but that's what I'm going with for now. I'll run down all the matchups next week once they are set. Happy New Year to all!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

And Another One...

Another NFC Championship appearance gone wrong by the guys in midnight green. How may times are we going to see this...3,4,5...who cares...WORLD PHUCKING CHAMPIONS BITCH AND WE GET TO HAVE ANOTHER BAR CRAWL!!!

Let's get ready to rumble!!!

At this point it is looking like the pathetic Cardinals and always seem to be there Steelers but in the end it's just another disappointing Superbowl with another lame story line...that is unless the 'Zona Cards find a way to pull off the unthinkable. A 9-7, god-awful, pathetic team led by a "blessed" QB who always seems to have 2 WR who are above and beyond superior at his disposal to cover up his evident shortcomings. Anywho, sorry for the tangent....lets get back to business.

Strap your seatbelts on, we're hooking up our 4th consecutive Superbowl Saturday Bar crawl!! The FSD are back again and ready to rock...who wants a mustache ride?!?!?!?

Stay tuned for details as this one is dedicated to Charlie Man and all those who phought obesity to exceed all expectations..YUH!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Tonight THE Night?

It's been 25 painful years since the city of Philadelphia and their fans have been able to call themselves champions in any of the 4 major sports. Sure they have come somewhat close sending all 4 teams to the finals at least once per team in each sport, along with a few Semi-Final appearances, but let's be honest...none of those games/series were really all that close. The Eagles led once during their Superbowl match with the Pats but in the end lost yet another big game. The Sixers came out strong in game 1 of their last Finals appearance against the Lakers but wound up losing the series 4-1. The Flyers charged into the Stanley Cup Finals against the Red Wings but were sent home quickly by a big fat broom...that's right, not even 1 stinking win. The last Phillies team to play in the World Series was a bunch of over-acheiving jokers that put up a great fight but all we can really remember is watching Joe Carter highlights over and over again as his Series clinching dinger is still soaring into the Toronto night.

What we have here now though is something special. The 2008 Philadelphia Phillies seem like the team to change all that heartbreak and sports team agony that us Philly fans have endured for the majority of our lifetimes (the 30 something and under crowd that is especiallly because I personally was too young to recall the glory days of Tugger & Dr. J). These guys have a different sense of winning about them and they ARE DOING IT. My brother, myself and 2 of our friends went to the Eagles game yesterday and for the first time in a really long time, the Eagles took a back seat to the Phillies and the stadium went into repeated chants of "Let's go Philllies!", over and over again during the last 2 minutes of the game and on the way out of the stadium...really a great moment as you are used to hearing Eagles chants everywhere and at CBP instead. By the way the Eagles won too and are right back in the mix in the NFC! Last night's 10-2 thrashing of the Rays was awesome after 3 pretty close affairs where you were sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for something bad to happen. These guys are winners, flat out. They look to go 9-0 at home this postseason with Hamels on the hill to seal the deal and send the city of Brotherly Love into a frenzy. I unfortunately will not be able to take part in the madness as I need to be back at work tomorrow but I will make plans to attend the parade and take LOTS of pictures to recall the moment we finally WON. I don't want to jinx anything but these guys are ready and I llike our chances very much right now with the Big Fella finally slamming the ball around again. Time for Pat the Bat to get in the mix as he has been rather quiet these days....can't wait to see him charge the mound tonight!


Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Perfect Ending?

Tom Brady seems to have it all doesn't he...the 3 rings, the model girlfriend, good looks, MVP, TD records, yadda, yadda, yadda. Man, good for him. Now his 2007-08 Patriots just might be the best team ever assembled in the NFL. Hard to compete with that record setting offense and the coach that cheats...not that they need to because they don't. Moss, Welker & Stallworth are a pretty formidable trio of receivers to deal with no matter who's in your secondary and if the Giants have a weakness on the defensive side of the ball that is it, so expect a lot of points for the Pats tonight.
In their first meeting during week 17 of the regular season, I doubt many people thought they were getting a preview of the Superbowl XLII matchup but that is how it turned out to my surprise. Damn those Packers. If Eli has time to throw, we just might see a close game but if I were a betting man, I would lean towards a one-sided victory by the favorites here. I just don't see an upset unless Tom Brady flat out falls on his face which we know is a very rare occurence for a guy like him.
I expect the Giants to keep it close for a little while as they know who they are up against and are familiar with these guys but there is no way Eli Manning wins the Superbowl is there? I mean come on, the guy is not very good and they will need him to be great to pull off the unthinkable. Expect the G-Strings to lean on their pass-rush and running game until Moss & Welker break loose and then once Eli has to start throwing it's all down hill after that.
The X man's prediction is a 34-20 Patriots stomping of the overmatched Giants and New England goes down as the first 19-0 team to end their season of perfection. What else would you expect. Hopefully the commercials are good.